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Contentious topics
Old 07-21-2006, 06:08 PM
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Default Contentious topics

When I took over the site, I listened to the advice of the moderators and didn't resurrect the debate section. I love a good debate as much as (or perhaps more than) anyone, but it spilled out too often onto the rest of the site. I still stand by that decision. We're here to vent about and discuss SCs, not put the world to rights. There are other forums for that, so take it there, please.

Politics and religion are two topics that invariably arise, and people have strong feelings about those subjects. Let's remember that debating such is not the point of this board.

As a general guideline, I don't want confrontational subjects aired here. If someone comes into your work and tries to persuade you that their faith or political stance is the way you should think, that's the meat and drink of this board. Go for it!

What I don't want to see are people joining in on either side and arguing about the pros and cons, or joining in on a general kicking match.

Remember, the core of this site is respect. SCs have no respect for us, so we have none for them. However, respect the feelings of your fellow members. You may not agree with someone's beliefs, but you should allow them to have those beliefs - many people here have religious or political convictions.

In short, if it happens at work and someone tries to convince you of something, that's fine, since you don't have any real way to escape, but away from work is a different situation. It's not germaine to these discussions and often results in divisive arguments.

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