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Old 03-06-2013, 09:29 PM
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Default BOOBIES!!!!!

No, not really.

But now that I have your attention, it's time for a reminder to all members, new and old.

There has been a massive amount of excessive quoting lately. I'm not even out looking for it; it seems as though every other thread I read has someone quoting the entire post, or the majority of it, and only posting a sentence or two in reply.

I've seen threads with three or more consecutive posts with execessive quoting.

Please, everyone....trim your quotes. It keeps the threads looking neat and prevents people from having to wade through a sea of quoted text to get to the new material.

I've said this on more than one occasion, but a good rule of thumb to follow is that if the quote is longer than your reply, then the quote can be trimmed or even omitted entirely.

It's getting far out of hand, and what's especially irksome is that the people I see doing this are long-time members who should know better by now.
"We guard the souls in heaven; we don't horse-trade them!" Samandrial in Supernatural

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