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Tow-Happy Management Company
Old 09-26-2019, 02:28 PM
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Default Tow-Happy Management Company

I've been happy living here except for problem neighbors for 13 years. Managment exclusive to our complex has changed and the new lady sends out text messages which is nice when we need to know that the water will be off but can be annoying. Here's the sequence of events that are coming to a head for me:

1. A few weeks ago we all got notices on our door that the parking lot was going to be re-paved and we had to move our cars for two days. We can't legally park on the steet here but I guess I could've parked at the business mall across the street which I don't like because one of my windows doesn't roll up right now. At least in our lot I would feel better about it idk. Well, the project didn't happen.

2. OK, second try: more notices on doors. This time there was a blurb about the snow removal policy stating that if we don't move our cars by 9 am they will be towed. OK, if it is a lot of snow that needs to be plowed then how is the tow truck going to get in? Oh, and by the way, we had better start cleaning because we're all getting inspected! I feel like one of the "hard knock life" kids in Annie. But I digress. They did one half of the pavement Monday and I saw that most of those neighbors could fit on our side so my plan was to park on their side and so I did, last night. I found the last acceptable space in the newly paved lot, just that side of the invisible line. No one had said anything about where over there we could park.

3. Got a text while I was sleeping (I'm on vacation). Another threat of towing because there were a couple of cars still on my side of the lot. Also she named the types of cars that she saw sitting too close to the invisible line. I got up and moved my car as far east as I could, waaaayyyyy down at the end of the other side of the lot.

So I'm just annoyed at all the tow threats. Also I bet because of all the improvements they are planning on raising the rent. I need a cheap place for at least the next year and then I might be out of here.

The one positive thing is that Blondie's living room porch chair has to go. When we had our fencing painted we had to clear off our porches/balconies and she left her chair out there. The painters had to move it. They shouldn't have had to. What if one was injured? So this last door note said that some patios are looking trashy and need to be cleaned up--agreed--and specifically stated that only patio furniture should be out there! I agree. That chair gets wet when it rains and it's going to be a huge colony for mold.
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