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Tired of getting shouted at in ALL CAPS in emails
Old 06-02-2020, 04:09 PM
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Default Tired of getting shouted at in ALL CAPS in emails

A lot of them are out of business and there was a delay in my picking up their accounts because the other office had to queue a bunch of tickets to me, as I am the Queen of Nevada™ and no one else is supposed to work them. I KNOW you're out of business, Karen. All I asked was for you to give me the new address of our equipment so I don't send return materials to the wrong address. The last time that happened was 3 months ago when I didn't know you existed! I just got the rental canceled on the 22nd and it's now the 2nd. It's been eleven days. I realize the ticket was opened on May 6th, but as I told you I'm new to the situation. I don't want her account on my books any more than she does.
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