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Old 06-12-2008, 03:51 PM
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You guys are lucky that you know anything about your family tree

The extent of my family tree is...my mom. And her mother, who died when my mom was 13. Don't know my father. So, if I have any brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, ancestors, I don't know who they are, where they are, or how to find them. I have no clue what nationality I am, where my family is from, nothing.

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Pit bull-

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There was this one guy (actually, several people) who would do send several names for us to look up the obits for, Here's an ex.

Joe Smith dod (date of death) 5/16/1938
Jane Good dod 2/20/1974
Robert Mills dod 12/3/1942

We would write back "We are sorry we could not find the obituaries for these people...."

few months latter, we get this request:

Joe Smith dod 2/20/1974
Jane Good dod 12/3/1942
Robert Mills 5/16/1938

Since different people work on these obits, it takes a long time to realize what the idiot is doing. Then I want to write back "If you like we can copy the three days after date of death if you arent' sure who died when. $3 each day, each paper." Or something like that.

And I hate when they re-request the same person when we don't find it. Eitehr they can't keep track of what they requested or they think we have nothing better to do then looking for the same obit that will not magically appear. Granted, like the first story I told, we might find it because the first time we didn't, but when people make a habit of it it wastes our time.

Back On topic: Question...why can't these people come there and do it themselves?
Some requests (about 70%) come from people who live somewhere else, like Minnesota. The other people just don't want to do anything themselves. Considering they have to come downtown and pay to park, they rather someone else do it. Which isn't bad for one requests, but when they live in our city, and have this whole project, or a homework assignment, yeah, they should come down.

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Quoth protege View Post
My family history isn't as thorough--the last family history dates from 1980...and most things earlier (not to mention later) are proving elusive. It doesn't help that my last name is the Norwegian equivalent to "Smith" over here, and that both of the earliest ancestors have the same first name, even though they're brothers Also not helping...was that my great-grandmother on Dad's side was a bitch...and cut that part of the family off from the rest--in the 1980 family history, we're not even mentioned until the very last page!

My mother's side is another story--very little of that was ever written down, and most of the people who would know things are either dead now, or can't remember It sucks, because I've always been very close to that side.
I've run into the similar problems. On my dad's side, my grandfather's birth records were destroyed in a fire in the 1920's, and my grandmother was adopted, the records long since lost during the family being a bit nomadic during the Great Depression.

On my mother's side, my grandfather was a Native on one of the reserves, but only my grandmother knew his name (she never shared with the rest of the family) and she died when my mother was 12. So, technically, I can only prove that one of my grandparents existed. Makes researching a bit hard.

My brother claims he's got the full history, but he paid $20.00 to a website that sent him a certificate about a week later. For some reason, I think it would take more than $20.00 and one week to find out all of our family history. But maybe I'm just cynical and suspicious...

Sorry for the

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My mom and dad are both researching their respective ancestors, but at least they've got the common sense enough not to pull crap like this! Actually, my mom especially, like doing their own searching.
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Wish I can help with the people w/o known names. Ancestory.com (I can access it for free from my library, anyone with a library card for our library can access it too, in fact, and there are probably other libraries that allow their customers to access it for free) is helpful. If you have an address, like say your grandma and granddad lived in the same house for years, you can look at the Census records to see who lived at that address. Though the most recent published is 1930. And our Clayton library for Geneological research might have a suggestion.

I also hate when someone sends a request like this:

I need and obit for XXX CCCC dod 4/7/03.
So it's 1903 or 2003? Our bosses want us to look both years instead of emailing the patron to clarify.

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Quoth depechemodefan View Post
Some requests (about 70%) come from people who live somewhere else, like Minnesota.
Getting info on local relatives is no big deal--my mother's side has lived in the same area for well over 100 years. Even so, their common name (Snyder) means it's sometimes a pain. Not so on my dad's side--there's only one root...meaning if you go back far enough, we're all related somehow. However, getting that info isn't as easy--since they were originally from Stavanger, Norway, it's not like getting into the car and hitting up the local library... One day, I plan on checking out their archives, and seeing the fjords for myself
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