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It's Not a Difficult Concept
Old 11-18-2006, 03:24 PM
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Default It's Not a Difficult Concept

I'm posting this here, because while this occured at work, we were not the objects of suckiness. The woman was lovely to us, just horrid to a phone operator. If it needs to be moved, obviously the mods will make that call for me and move me accordingly!

Anywho, Lady comes in, and is having phone issues. I don't hear the beginning of her problem, as I am with other cusotmers, and my coworker, Tech, is helping her. After I am through, I notice she has decided to upgrade to a newer model phone, so he is helping her get set up with that. He gets her activated, and she hands him a credit card to pay. He runs the card, and it is declined. She is confused, and asks can she call the company on one of our phones? She asks for our help since she just got back from an eye doctor's appointment, and they dilated her eyes. So we help her dial, then enter her credit card number when the prompts ask. She gets through to a person. The person asks her to verify some information, which the lady does. Once the person says their "How can I help you?" greeting, it got sucky.

Lady: "I am at a STORE and my card was DECLINED and I want to know WHY?"

The person taps at their computer, then finds the problem. A fraud alert had been put on the account. These are usually done AUTOMATICALLY, especially if you've used your card a lot in one day. They protect you if your card is stolen. Well this lady didn't get it and started wigging out.

Lady: "Whattdyou MEAN a fraud alert? I didn't put a fraud alert on there?" Operator starts to talk, lady interupts - "No I want to know WHO did that? WHO would do it? Huh? HelloHelloHelloHello???"

She didn't pause more than a second waiting for a response. She then realizes she's been cut off. Now I don't know if the lady hung up on her or if there was a system glitch or what, but if they did hang up on her, I don't blame them. They were trying to calmly help her, but she was yapping over them like a crazed chicken.

Lady calls back, and informs the new operator: "I want to know WHO put a fraud alert on my account, and I want you to know that the last woman HUNG UP ON ME!"

Ugh. So the operator tries to tell her that she needs to put her through to a specialized department to deal with her issue and get the alert removed. Too bad Lady is yapping over her too. Takes five minutes to get her to understand she's being transferred. Then once she is, she informs THAT person: "I sent you people a check for $1300 last month, and the first person I spoke to today HUNG UP ON ME and I want to know if I need to cancel this card! WHO put a fraud alert on my account????"

The operator is trying to explain the fraud alert concept and she just yells over her "Oh I don't understand you. Here!" She shoves the phone at my co-worker, who translates for her. FINALLY she gets it.

Turns out, Lady's daughter has a card on this account as well. Lady was at Office Depot, making a purchase at the same time her daughter was at a Hardee's having lunch. They ran their cards either at the same time, or close together, putting an alert on the account. The operator removed the alert after confirming Lady was herself.

"Tell me THIS," Lady demands. "Are they gonna do this to me over the holiday season? When I'm trying to SHOP and spend money and use their card? This is NOT good business practice. I might just use another card. No other employee would be as nice as you."

Nice compliment for my co-worker. But still. UGH. Okay, the reason why I know what the operators were saying? She had it on speakerphone the whole time. Seriously! I can understand not knowing about how credit cards work and all, but don't YELL over people who are trying to help you. I wouldn't doubt if the first lady hung up on her on purpose. I just HATE people who cannot wait their turn to talk. She was at least fifty or sixy years old, but she reminded me of my friend's eight-year-old. Too impatient to wait and listen, just wants to yell over everybody.
I may be free from retail, but the nightmares still linger.....

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