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Some stories to get started (LONG)
Old 08-18-2009, 12:24 AM
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Default Some stories to get started (LONG)

Hey everyone, just signed in, and wanted to get started. I work two jobs, at a grocery store (7 years), and a restaurant (4 years). Luckily I am in arrangement where I only work one job a day and have three days off in a row (thank god for housemates!). I also started at everybody's favorite McDonald's (2 years), and I'm only 26. I thought I would share a few stories of the SC's I've encountered:

I deserve a break today....or what's that smell?

I started my entry into the workforce at Mickey Ds, and one day I was working the counter when a guy walks up and orders a extra value meal, now those who've worked at McDonald's, or many other establishments know the BS phrase suggestive selling, so I ask him if he wants to Super Size his COMBO, he says yes.

As he's leaving, he delivers this gem, "I only wanted my fries Super Sized, pull your head out of your ass!"

Ok, I'll get right on that.

The trick is to scam the store....

I live in a small town, and like many a small town, we have a town crazy. Unfortunately for me, my brother-in-law knows ours. Several times, he's been in our house drunk, throwing canned goods, and threatening to kill us for meney. He was finally told to leave and not come back after he was rude to my sister, alas I still see him from time to time, especially when working at the only grocery store in town.

So he comes into the store with a lady friend, and passing by, I happen to see them in the meat department. I go back up front and get back on my register. The guy and gal come up front, and check out at the register behind me, and after they leave, my coworkers are chuckling, and I ask them why.

Turns out they were observed in the meat department switching prices, taking the prices off the marked down, about to be discarded meat, and putting them on other meats. The thing is, the actual price was LOWER than the marked down price. I think they were happy to have gotten caught. Shame they weren't called out on their scam though.

I just said "hi", and I'm not clairvoyant

A guy walks in to the store, and I turn to say "hi", you know, just a polite greeting, nothing more.

Guy takes out two very used VHS cassettes, and proclaims "I bought these already, I'm not stealing them!" OK, maybe he's just paranoid, so I just carry on ringing up customers until he come's back.

Now he wants someone in the meat department and no one is there; now the meat department is about 100 feet away through a solid wall, and it's the time day when the one or two people working take their lunch break. To SC, "it's just typical" and stalks off.

A nice lady in line commiserated saying, "some people are just rude". Thanks, nice lady.

It helps to go to the right restaurant

So I'm at the restaurant's carryout counter for some reason when a guy comes up and looks at me. There are no carryour orders ready, and no carryout tickets on the rack, so (paraphrased):

Me: Hi, would you like to place a carryout order?
SC: I have an order already.
Me: What was the name on that order?
SC: <Name>
Me: (to other waiters, as sometimes they keep carryout tickets on them) Did anyone take a carryout order for <Name>?
CW: (en masse) No.
Me: What did you order, sir?
SC: (irritated) A bucket of chicken.
Me: (thinking we don't sell chicken by the bucket, we have family sized chicken dinners, but no buckets) We don't have buckets of chicken.
SC: (having pulled out his cellphone, and called his wife) They don't have the order.

Then to me,

Is this <Different Restaurant>
Me: No, this is <My Restaurant>.
SC walks out yelling into the phone.

Um, we have signs, and our uniforms tell you where you are, so I really have no idea.

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Quoth iron2004 View Post
A nice lady in line commiserated saying, "some people are just weird".
Edited for my world view.


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I haven't had the problem at McDonalds but Hardee's is terrible when it comes to super sizing. Yes Hardee's person I want more fries, no I would not like the three gallon drink. The normal 1 gallon of pop is fine.
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