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And just like that, gone!
Old 09-21-2019, 02:50 AM
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Default And just like that, gone!

I've been laid off; my last day is the 6th or 8th. At least there is a severance package, unlike the first time.

You see, this is the fourth time I've been laid off in the course of my carreer. It seems to be a way of life in Silicon Valley; either you jump ship after 2 years for greener pastures (and start-up stock options), or you stick around for a while and get laid off. I'm the stick-around type, so I wind up eventually with a pink slip.

There is some severance, and other support as well. So it could be very much worse. But that means neither of us is working now, so we will start living off savings when the severance runs out.

I've already put in three resumes, and will be getting more out there next week. Job hunting is not my favorite pastime...
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Prepare your response now. The day after you are gone, there will be a query about how to use the widget, or where the whatsit goes. Yes, this will be after there is a big, long "Pants are leaving. There will be no Pants in this place" message spreading time. Yes, it will still happen.

Also to be expected: "Hey, when you coming in?"

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I'm sorry to hear it. Job-hunting is definitely NOT a great way to spend your time. Hope something turns up very quickly.
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