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Game: Scions of the Divinity [OOC/Planning]
Old 11-20-2012, 01:37 AM
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Default Game: Scions of the Divinity [OOC/Planning]

Yes, again. Some folks may remember my original game on this [OOC Thread | IC Thread] concept, which ended up fizzling out just as the main part of the plot was intended to kick off.

In retrospect, I probably got overly ambitious with the story I had planned.

I want to try it again, though. But this time, instead of the PCs being established in the powers they have, they're as yet Unawakened-- i.e., unaware of their true heritage. The most they'd have in terms of power at this stage would be subtle stuff at best, and not really anything that screams 'superhuman.' Which is the point; at this stage in their divine development, they'd still technically be human.

The game would start with the PCs receiving their Visitations. Someone connected to their specific pantheon would pop by, and, in some way, get the heroes to go to some one location... for their real Awakening, when the real power starts to come in.

Anyone game for this?

Background Info
The Story
The world as you know it is not all it appears. In this time of science and rational thinking, no one gives much thought to myths and legends. Those are all just old stories, told to explain the things that unenlightened men didn’t understand.

But... All myths are true.

The Gods are real. They helped shape the world and guided early Man to create civilization. They did this to help drive back the advance of the Titans-- the unfathomably powerful entities that represent the fundamental forces of reality-- which threatened to destroy the fragile world that the gods had created. The Titans were defeated and bound away in the Underworld, in the Great Prison of the Underworld, which Greek men called “Tartarus.”

However, some time in the past-- no one is sure when, but at least in the last three hundred years-- the Great Prison was broken. The Titans-- the catch-all term for all of the wicked creatures, monsters, and specters bound within along with them-- escaped. The Titans count among their number the Frost and Fire Giants, the Oni, the Fomor, and most of the "evil" creatures of ancient myth.

The Titans have bided their time since their escape. Their goals are mysterious-- not even their most trusted lieutenants know what they are-- but one thing is clear: if they overthrow the Gods, mankind will be the worse off for it!

But the Gods have found themselves trapped in a binding, of sorts. If they ride out in force to drive back the Titans, they could do just as much damage-- both literally and figuratively-- to the World that the ruling Gods of each pantheon have sworn not to do so. The Titans battle the Gods on the celestial planes, but their lieutenants and minions are in the world, and must be stopped.

Where You Come In
The Gods are known to have had dalliances with mortals. Look no further than any ancient myth or legend or story of heroes-- from the strong who fought monsters and slew them in battle, to the cunning who tricked the devils into jars or chests, to the charismatic who rallied the people and defeated evil tyrants. Most of them were the children of the Gods.

In these modern times, the mundane folk don’t believe in the Gods so much, and publicly announcing one’s heritage will lead to ridicule at best and institutionalization at worst. And showing off one’s abilities could lead to a panic and a fearful response from the mortal authorities. Both the Gods and the Titans want to avoid waking the “sleeping giant” of the mundane awareness of them.

So both sides must work in secret, the Titans corrupting mortals or other divine children to their cause to work as their front men, while the Gods recruit their children to fight them as well.

The Gods have plans. The Divinities don't always work in concert with each other, even within themselves, but the Gods have plans for their children. Their Scions will help save the world.

One way or another.


GM Rules for the Game
1. Real Life Comes First. "Rule One" takes precedence over the others. If you're not able to respond right away, that's fine. We won't be going super fast with this, and if you need to bow out for a while because of RL concerns, that's fine. We can either auto-pilot your character for a while, or have them written out temporarily.

2. Be Respectful of Others. This essentially boils down to "no power gaming." There are some exceptions to this-- which I'll elaborate on later. But basically, if you're dealing with another named character, defer to the judgment of the person running that character.

Story Notes

Pantheons of Note: Egyptian, Aztec, Greek/Roman, Vodoun (Loa), Aesir (Norse), Tuatha (Celtic), Amatsu-kami (Japanese), Chinese -- all others are on a case-by-case basis

Divine Pecking Order: Descending in terms of power...

At the peak, there are the Greater Titans. These entities are unfathomable, elemental forces of creation, their ways and thoughts unknown even to the most intelligent of their spawn. Long imprisoned by the Gods, they have no desires that we can understand but to be free to act once more, to stretch their muscles after their captivity.

On the next tier, there are the Titan Generals, avatars of an aspect of their Greater Titan. They are usually more scrutable than the Greater Titans, with desires that are more readily understood. Chief amongst those desires, however, is that of revenge against the Gods for their long imprisonment. The Titan Generals seek to reshape, control, and/or destroy the world as they see fit. Roughly on par with the Titan Generals are The Gods, capable of fighting them to a standstill. The Gods have been the ones overseeing the world since antiquity.

Below them are the Titanspawn, the "monsters" and "demons" of myth and legend. While less powerful than the Gods as a whole, the Spawn make up for their lack of power with sheer numbers. The Spawn vary in terms of power and motivation. Indeed, there are some Titanspawn that have forsworn their allegiance to their masters and have thrown their lot in with the Gods. The most powerful of Spawn are capable of defeating the Minor Gods, those of the divinity who have just ascended to godhood. The rest of the Titanspawn are little more than cannon fodder.

Then there are the Divine Children, who also have varying degrees of power. At their peak, they become Minor Gods, and may even become more powerful with time in that role. The Demigods are Scions who are reaching the peak of their power in the mortal world, more than a match for the Titans' most powerful agents in the world. Then there are the Scions, those children of the gods who have just begun to realize their power for the first time. And lastly, there are the Unawakened, children of the gods who are functionally mortal, unaware of their heritage.

Character Bio Sheet

Name: (duh - bonus points if it's a meaningful name or evokes something related to the divine parent)
Heritage: (who is the character’s Divine Parent? what pantheon are they from, and what is their purview?)
Occupation: (what is/was your character’s day job?)
Power Level: Unawakened (all player-characters start out here)

Divine Aspect: (what trait or ability does the character have that is just slightly more than mere mortal?)

(what does your character look like? (visual aides are good) what’s their personality?)

(what’s your character’s story?)

Flaws: (even the gods aren’t perfect; what flaws does your character have?)

Fate: (why has your Divine parent tapped the character? what do they have planned for the character?) [NOTE: Feel free to be vague here in public. But at the least PM me any specifics, to work that into the story.]

  • Riley "Ace" Thorsen - Poker Babe - Odds Ever In Her Favor [Awakened Scion]
  • Lupo Virtus - Boxer - Doesn't Know When To Quit [Awakened Scion]
  • Kiki Toshioto - Detective - Private Eye Out of Sight [Awakened Scion]
  • Liam O'Keefe - Bodyguard - An Island in the Storm [Awakened Scion]

NPCs - Allies
  • Mattieu Carrefour - Con Artist and Thief - Absolutely Trustworthy [Unawakened] [Teammate] [Picture]
  • Selene Hoffman - IT Consultant - Hacker Par Excellence [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]
  • Paul Brighton - Promoter - Recruiter [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]
  • Art Mooney - Businessman - Hunter [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]
  • Anna Green - Businesswoman - Huntress [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]
  • Himy Holtzman - Promoter - Recruiter [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]
  • Dougal "Mac Dubh" MacDougal - Biker/Undercover Agent - Warrior [Scion] [Ally] [Picture]

NPCs - Enemies / Other
  • Mark "The Meat" Cleaver - Boxer [Mortal] [Nobody] [Picture]
  • Baz Moran - Ex-Military? / Poker Player [Mortal] [Unquantified] [Picture]
  • Morgan MacBride - Terrorist - You Should Be Running (Seriously, Run.) [Demigod] [Enemy] [Picture]


GM Notes
- This OP will updated as we get underway and as more information is necessary.
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