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Thinking of starting a supernatural-themed RPG
Old 11-02-2011, 05:06 AM
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Default Thinking of starting a supernatural-themed RPG

I've been thinking of running a game on here for a while, and if I get enough interest, I think it's going to be a modern supernatural game. The best decription I've got so far is if the World of Darkness Hunters were part of an organization like The SCP Foundation. And yes I'd be taking quite a bit of inspiration from both. Characters would be "awakened" in that they'd see through the glamour of various supernatural races - as in, most of the time, they'll be able to spot a vampire/werewolf/fey/etc on sight. Many will also develop further talents, but nothing to put them on the "superhero" level - a good example of an appropriate power level would be something like the "Jedi hand wave", or being able to go unnoticed (like a personal Somebody Else's Problem field), or enhanced strength/toughness (though I think Captain America-level would be the absolute limit here). Emphasis for character skills would probably be on combat and/or research, and I'd suggest that anyone who has powers beyond seeing through glamour have a lower overall skill level.

Anyway. Anyone interested?
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