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The Hero.
Old 09-18-2006, 01:41 AM
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Default The Hero.

This is not a customer related story. It's not totally mine either. I wasn't working at the time it happened. Now, let me put a warning here. This may be very hard to read. Please, do not read if you have a weak stomach.

At one time, I worked as a Jailor. (Yes, that's the right spelling.) I remember catching a hospital watch where I needed to keep track of this inmate who was there. It's his story I want to tell. One that does have a happy ending, but a sad start.

The Inmate was on trial for possession with intent and trafficking. He was one of four who were being sent to court, escorted by two guards. The accident which put him in the hospital came when they were returning.

As the Van turned to head out to the jail, a woman in a camero ran a stop sign and struck the van in the side. This caused it to skid sideways and strike a telephone pole. One guard was ejected from the van, and the Inmates managed to scramble out. Even though they had cuffs and shackles on, they first went to check on the lady. Around that time, one realised his wrists were broken from the cuffs and impact.

The guard was coming around, and the other two turned to help him. One of these, I'll call H, looked to the van. As he did, he watched as the grass under the van began to burn, and then catch the van on fire. The other guard was still trapped in the vehicle. As the fire licked up, it began to catch the engine, and then neared the fuel tank.

H (the one with the drug charges) ignored the others and witnesses who said he needed to stay away. Ignoring his own safety, and the bindings on his arms and legs, H proceded to try to open the driver's side door. This door was found wedged, forcing H to go through the passenger side. In doing this, he needed to reach through flame and fire,but managed to get hold on the guard. Pulling mightily he dragged the guard from the vehicle. Two witnesses who had stopped helped the guard away, but either forgot H, or didn't pay him any attention. H was seriously burned when the fuel tank went.

H ended up in the hospital with burns over most of his body. The newspaper told how the two witnesses were heros, but made no mention of the inmates; or the one who nearly gave his life so his guard might live.

So what became of him?

H was transferred to another hospital for burn treatment. While there, he was given a full pardon by the govenor. I lived there eight years, and worked for the county a few more months past his first days in the hospital. Shortly before I moved south, I was told he had been hired by the sherrif's department. Ironically enough, as a prisoner transporter.
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