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Old 04-05-2020, 09:11 AM
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My crazy ass(and not for the reasons of mental illness as she has none beyond having been born crazy) great-something or other gran (picture little Russian yoda. Female, and slightly less green. Yes to the big ears though...) is handling quarantine by barricading her room from the live in nurse and blasting rock music. Last time I got a call it was to convince her that no, there shouldn’t be a head banging granny group at her house (supposedly to ‘catch up over tea’....yeah why anyone bought that I have no idea) and please let the nice nurses in to collect their charges. Just because you survived ww2, smuggling people out of soviet Russian during a war, and flying those paper airplanes of the Night Witches does not in fact make you immortal. Possibly a Demi-goddess. But not immune to infectious viruses. Though I’m sure she would invite death to a sit down for wine and cakes (Rasputin style) if she could.

Is it just because old people have lived through all life’s shit that they just don’t give any fucks anymore about things like normal?
Donít worry about what Iím up to. Worry about why you are worried about what Iím up to.
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