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Genie in a Bottle
Old 04-11-2007, 04:42 AM
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Default Genie in a Bottle

A man is going through his junk in his attic one day when he finds a magic lamp. He decides what the hell and gives it a rub, then poof! A genie comes out!

The Genie says to the man, "I will grant you three wishes. But I warn you, whatever you wish for, your ex-wife will get double."

The man thinks about, then laughs a little. "I wish for a million dollars!" *POOF* He gets a million dollars and his ex-wife gets two million dollars. The Genie looks at him curiously but tells him he still has two wishes.

The man laughs harder, and then says, "I wish I had a porsche!" *POOF* He gets a porsche and his ex-wife gets two porsches. The man cannot contain himself and he starts cracking up really loudly.

Curiosity got to the best of the Genie and he asks the man, "What's so funny? Your ex-wife just got two million dollars and two porsches?"

Wiping tears from his eyes, the man makes his last wish, "I wish I was half dead."
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