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New Manager at the Helm
Old 09-09-2018, 07:08 PM
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Default New Manager at the Helm

Gotta love it when the powers that be decide to spin the Wheel of Management around again . . . been a long while since they've done this. We did get a new grocery manager a few months ago (and he's a cool guy, BTW.) And Sheldon (aka Most Awesome Ass Man) has been with us for 2 yrs now (we may have mutiny if he gets transferred) but a store manager is a bit different.

The week I came back from vacation (beginning of August) I found out that Grasshopper is being transferred to another store . . . at the end of the week. His new store is in a more rural area (Caswell County, NC which borders Virginia and is east of Rockingham County, which is where he lives now) so it would mean not quite as much travel time for him.

We surprised him that Friday morning with a surprise going away party in the breakroom. Rochelle collected money from a number of the employees to go get a platter from Chick Fil-A, and we had chips and drinks and a big cake from the Deli Department. He was trying to to choke up, but we could tell he was a little moved by the display.

Got to meet the new manager the following Monday. He's a little older than Grasshopper (mid 30's) and a big, beefy fellow with a country way of speech and manners to match. He's from Rockingham County and hasn't been a store manager long (he was an ass manager at another store nearby) but this is his first as store manager.

First thing I thought of when I saw him is: OMG, we're getting Larry The Cable Guy!!!

Wasn't too impressed the first day, as I found my back room completely rearranged and my stuffed animals that were on top of my wooden cabinet where my paperwork is kept were gone. I let him know about that, nicely but I don't like my stuff messed with out of the blue.

He apologized immediately . . . I suspect he won't try that again without discussing with me first about his ideas. We'll see . . .

So far, he's trying to not only learn about our store patterns, and get to know the crew but also getting used to the specialists who come in, as well as the Regional Director (we've already had a couple of visits from both Ellen and the other one, who is mostly a cool guy.) He's got some interesting ideas about what he'd like to do while he's there, which consists of us getting back to the basics and doing this more old school. He's also shown so far that he's pretty much hands on and won't shy from jumping on register if we're short handed or running the Customer Service desk or even stocking shelves.

Several of my vendors who come in have worked with this guy before at his last store (which is in the Greensboro area) and all have good things to say about him. He can be tough, but also fair (which is what we need here. Had too many employees getting away with murder around here and we need someone to nip it in the bud, in my opinion.)

Not only does he have to interview people soon to replace Teardrops (who just got canned due to her own laziness and obliviousness, but also new stockers) he's already brought in two guys from a neighborhing store to work stock. We've got a new Dairy Guy (but he's older and looking at retirement soon - nice guy. We'll call him Rusty, and I've worked with him before at my old store years ago. Steady and dependable but he's used to working grocery, not dairy so having to rotate product more often is a challenge for him.)

We also have a new guy on the grocery crew, who has come over before and helped out. He had been looking to get out of his old store for some time. So far what I've seen of him, he's fairly reliable dude.

Anyway he's not only done that, but has also changed when the stock crew comes in. They now come in earlier in the day (around 5 am.) to work the delivery (which is now coming in around early/mid afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (they stock on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.) So far that seems to be working out fairly decent as far as getting product on the shelves quicker.

So as the old saying goes, we'll see how it goes from here. . . .now if he'll line up some help for me to get the date rotations caught up (still behind due to being on vacation or filling in for Ma when she's gone) I'll be happier. But one thing at a time.
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