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What we've got here, is a failure to communicate
Old 09-12-2018, 05:37 AM
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Default What we've got here, is a failure to communicate

We're moving a bunch of file boxes. This is the 4th time that we've done it so I'm pretty familiar with the requirements. But the SC has to chime in and give instructions to keep them in order. Okay, I can't blame her for making sure that this vital detail is covered, but these boxes have never been in order, and the past 3 times we have done them, order has not been important.

Of note: I am defining "in order" as any normal, intelligent human being does so, as a consecutive sequence of numbers

Me: May, these aren't in order, we've never had to keep them in order
SC: Yes they are
Me: No they aren't, we just keep the sets together, not the order. Do we just need to keep sets together like last time?
SC: They are in proper order
Me: Okay, what number are you looking at?
SC: ** dumbfounded stare **
Me: Okay, this row right here: 15, 148, 42, 78, 82... next row 213, 345, 28, ... is there some other number we're supposed to be following?
SC: ** dumbfounded stare **

I'm getting quite annoyed at her refusal/inability to answer my questions. I'm remembering her line from the last time around where she considered the sum of her responsibility to be "opening the door" and she couldn't even get that right. I'm ready to give her forehead a little knock to see if anybody is home when one of my CW's who was on the job last time chimes in

CW: We just have to keep these groups together right?
SC: Yes! Like I said, keep it in order
Me: Okay, so just the groups, like we have done every time before?
SC: Yes, as long as you keep them in order
Me: Whatever, sorry, I was using the proper definition of "in order", but that's fine

Sorry lady, I'm not fluent in idiot, if you want to change the worldwide accepted definition of a term, you have to let others know. Of course I guess that's my bad, I should have just expected an idiot to be speaking idiot.
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Old 09-12-2018, 11:11 AM
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"I'm terribly sorry, but the law says I cannot serve a visibly intoxicated person"

You aren't drunk?

Sorry, counting like that could've convinced anyone.
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