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One thing I really miss about retail
Old 09-12-2018, 02:16 PM
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Default One thing I really miss about retail

or possibly just my old company is this: a truly open door policy. At Red Circles I could talk to any manager at any time about anything, truly, and it stayed between us if that was what I wanted. My leaving the company was not because of them, except the one who drank the Kool Aid so hard that her feet turned red. But that's another story.

At this company the supervisors are control freaks. I knew our director before I worked here because we worked together in retail and because even before that one of my closest friends worked for this company and was friends with him. We have a bit of a history and I trust him. I can't say that about a lot of the management team here. One day I was really upset with how the company was being run and told him "I need to talk to you!" and when he asked if I was OK I emphatically told him no, I wasn't. He set a time for it and when I got to his office my supervisor was there. I found out later she was angry that I went to him first. She was "blindsided". How could she be when it didn't have anything to do with her?? I blame Director for that. There was no reason for him to pull her in. It had to do with the company at large. She's proven to me time and time again that she's insecure.

We just got a new supervisor for the project we're on so essentially I have two bosses, though I think that will be remedied. He's a pretty easygoing guy and all but was telling us that if our time off doesn't get approved to make sure we ask him to fix it. "It's a respect thing." In the past I did ask my former supervisor because I didn't know the procedure and she told me to just email Director and he'd get it approved. She never told me to come to her first because dingdingding she's not insecure like the rest of them. But this guy is going to get offended if I don't go directly to him about something that really is between employees and HR if you think about it. Maybe I'm being oversensitive about it but that's due to the supervisory climate in this company. They demand respect and yet we don't get any.
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