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We Have the Most Honest and Trustworthy Customers
Old 03-22-2019, 02:02 PM
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Default We Have the Most Honest and Trustworthy Customers

TL;DR: I left my debit card in the ATM and nobody stole it.

Yesterday evening, I went to pay for my groceries with my debit card and discovered it wasn't in my wallet. Then I remembered that I had gotten cash at the ATM before I left work. The ATM is in the entryway of the bank I work at. With the chip cards, you leave the card in the ATM until you're done with the transaction. Well, it seems I walked away without taking the card out. I mean, I had my cash and my receipt - what else did I need?

I started to freak out a little when I realized what had happened. I paid for my groceries with my credit card, and then drove over to the bank. Swearing and ranting at myself the whole time. I was going to have to get my card hot-carded. I was going to have to change all my automatic payments that I pay using my debit card. I was going to have to pay for things with cash until my new debit card arrived. I was going to have to memorize a new pin number.

I got to the bank and saw it before I even got to the door. Propped up on top of the card reader on the ATM was my debit card. My relief was instant.

I was able to go through the camera history to see who was at the ATM between when I got cash and when I picked up my card. There was only one customer, and I don't recognize him. I almost want to dig a little deeper so I can send him a thank you note, but that might be a little creepy.
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