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Old 08-28-2013, 12:46 PM
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Default AGAIN?!

The "tech support" job I had months ago? It turned into high pressure sales crap. I'm not a sales guy, period. I got sick of the pressure and left.

I guess I'm back on CS again with this!

This time, I'm working for the Hut of PIzza. Primarily delivery / dishwasher. This store doesn't get a whole lot of deliveries (being a very new area), but tips tend to be excellent.

It wouldn't be a returning post if I wasn't trying to stir stuff up, right? Every restaurant (and doubly true for pizza places) is full of stoners, I just can't say I've seen people so blatant about it, even among management, in this store. I smoke a little bit of pot here and there, but I don't like being in public in such a mindset.

One of the closing manages was starting to help me put up my dishes last night, and looked to be incredibly baked - so I walked off. Came back about a minute later and asked if he needed any help. "Nah dude, I got this!"

It took almost 5 minutes before he realized what I'd done.

Old 08-28-2013, 02:27 PM
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welcome back. You've also reminded me of a story that my friend shared when she was working for the house of pizza. This setup was purely a delivery/pickup place, no sit downs (there's still ONE location near me that does dine-in). Anyway, they were both kitchen hands and they were allowed to have the TV on. One of her coworkers was in our year and in a few of our classes. We always suspected him to be a tad off, but this was just hilarious.

There was this ad which involved a guy who had cotton wool in his mouth going "I want free for free" (three for free) as it was to do with health insurance and some offer. Her coworker ends up stopping what he was doing, turns UP the TV and parks his ass in front of it until said commercial ends.
The suspicion that he was stoned was disproven when he complained about one of our state footy teams losing a game (Aussie rules for the record, there are two teams in my state)
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Quoth bean View Post
The "tech support" job I had months ago? It turned into high pressure sales crap. I'm not a sales guy, period. I got sick of the pressure and left.
Sounds like when I was looking for a administrative assistant/secretary/receptionist position...I got called in for interview at an insurance company (they saw my resume' on an employment website) who said it was for an "administrative support" position.

When the interview began, and I asked some questions about the position, the "interviewer" told me it was outbound cold-calling--aka harassing people over the phone about life insurance.

I told him thank you for wasting my time and walked out.

Welcome back!
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