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My cardio workout, courtesy of an honest customer
Old 04-11-2019, 09:06 PM
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Smile My cardio workout, courtesy of an honest customer

I was on self-checkout today and business was fairly brisk (didn't hurt that for a while I was the only cashier up there ... ).

I had just finished with a customer at my 'full' register when I see a couple approach one of the self-checkout machines, which had just been vacated by a lone guy. This is the one machine that both accepts and dispenses cash.

The couple seems puzzled for a moment -- apparently the machine wasn't signalling them to start scanning. The guy bends down and then straightens up ... holding out FOUR $10 bills towards me.

Honest customer: "Hey, I think the last guy forgot his change!"

HC: "He's just gone out the door!"

I grab the money and sprint for the doors (a TOTAL no-no: I have LEFT MY STATION!!! I will be shot and pissed on!).

In my defence, I do yelp "Hey, couldja watch my station??" to the head cashier as I sail past.

I zoom out the door and into the parking lot yelling "Hey, sir? SIR??"

Luckily the guy was moving at a normal walking pace and when he turned around I said "You forgot your change!!"


I passed along his thanks, along with my own, to Honest Customer. He could've easily pocketed that cash and I would never have known.
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
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