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Mac security?
Old 11-11-2019, 01:12 AM
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Default Mac security?

Is there any particular security program you would recommend for a Mac? I would like to get some online work but at least one site wants to know that employees have the most updated/recent security available for their computer.

I have always owned Macs and I admit I have never bought any extra security, and have never had any problems. But then again, I have never looked for online work before.
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Old 11-11-2019, 07:56 AM
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It depends on the employer's requirements tbh. I'd ask them what they recognise as being sufficient.

Of course, the fact it's much more difficult (but not impossible) for random software to install itself without your knowledge on a Mac is a big security bonus in itself, and keeping it as up-to-date as you can without breaking your other software is always advisable. I've not installed 10.15 on this machine because I use too many legacy 32-bit utilities and games that haven't been updated yet (and may never be), but if that's not a concern for you then get it installed.

The only add-on I've bought for my Mac is Little Snitch, which is an enhanced personal firewall - it lets you know about almost every attempt made by installed software to connect to the internet, and gives you the options to allow them to do so once, permanently, for a set amount of time, or not now or ever. It's got a reasonably shallow learning curve, it's quite forgiving (if you block something important by accident it's easy to reverse your decision), and it includes a handy network traffic monitor so you can keep tabs on how much data's being used to up/download right now, which can quickly highlight which programs are being resource hogs or possibly doing something shady.

The only problem I've had with Little Snitch is using it alongside Sophos Anti-Virus (which is free!), which includes web traffic analysis software of its own; it can lead to confusion because some software will be trying to connect directly to the 'net while other stuff gets intercepted then retransmitted by Sophos, but that means that Little Snitch only sees Sophos as the originating program; makes it harder to work out whether or not it's something that you're gonna be happy about.

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