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Old 06-12-2008, 02:48 PM
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We get a lot of tourist in our city, and who knows why. We're a big city, but there's nothing about us that is world famous. We did have an 8th wonder of the world, but it looks like it's going to become a big parking lot if no one makes a hotel out of it.

Anyway, we get a lot of foreign tourist. And damn some are so good looking. Of course it sets me to thinking, "Looking for a place to stay? Why don't you come home with me, I have plenty of rooms, and I'll even fix you a plate of bar-b-que "

But what drives me nuts are the homeless kids who go from city to city. They are so argumentive. One time these kids wanted to know where they can get on the freeway (to hitchhike). I told them the nearest one, but then I told them it would be hard for them to get a ride. I was thinking it was because there was no shoulder. Of course, they took it differently and got hostile: We been doing this for a long time, we can get a ride!" Ugh.

Old 06-13-2008, 03:38 AM
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Quoth Jester View Post
Also the reason France helped the U.S. in their battle, hell, BATTLES against the British! Whenever they could, France has taken pains to needle England and help its enemies, with some notable exceptions of course!
You noticed that, too, huh? What is funny though, is when we went into Afghanistan after 9/11, who was our biggest ally? Especially since we were at each others throats long about 1812.

Quoth Samaliel View Post
Yeah, England is our best enemy. We just love to hate them, and I think the feeling is quite requited. Funny things about English people : most of those I met in the UK were complete bastard to me, while most of those I met in France were rather nice, and some absolutely lovely. Welsh and Scottish people even more so.
I still think it has something to do with them trying to take over the world. The old "The sun never sets on the British Empire". But remember, the crowns were united under a Scottish king!

Quoth protege View Post
Nah, they're still pissed that some of their best tea found its way into Boston's harbor. I read somewhere that they're still trying to charge us for that...and every year, we tell them hell no
Yeah, huh! Of course, I think that was a horrible waste of tea....but that's because I love tea.

Quoth Victoria J View Post
Then we got a French teacher and it all fell to pieces, it just made me much more self conscious and embarrassed.
Except for one, all of my profs in college were French and I had an easier time. Of course, I wound up with an interesting accent on my French....two were from Paris and one was from Brittany.
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