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I almost quit today.
Old 06-13-2008, 03:55 AM
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Default I almost quit today.

And here's why.

A woman comes to my lane with many plates. Probably about 50 of various sizes.

SC: Do you have boxes for these?
Me: Not up at cash. Any boxes we have would be where the dishes are.
SC: So what am I supposed to do then?
Me: You can wrap them up and use the bags, or once you're done leave your things here, I'll watch them, and you can go get some boxes.
SC: Where are these boxes?
Me: Where the dishes are. They usually are in a pile or stacked between the displays.
SC: Well they're not visible at ALL!
Me: *says nothing, as I'm counting her pile of dishes* Did you want to get bags for them then, or just wrap them and take them as-is, or go over and get some of the boxes?

Note: I KNEW calling the department would be useless, since they would send her back to get them herself.

I keep ringing her things through, all the while she's muttering things to herself.
I hear something about calling a manager, and something about, "If you don't want to work you shouldn't come to work."

Her total comes up, I give her her total, she hands me her card, I hear something about a manager again, and as I'm handing her her CC slip to sign say, "I'm sorry?" in response to the mutterings about a manager.
My hearing sucks so sometimes people have to repeat themselves for me.

She says nothing, then it clicks with me what she said.

Me: Would you like me to call a manager?
SC: I want you to do your job!
Me: I gave you options on how to take the dishes home and told you where the boxes are.
SC: So you want me to walk all the way back upstairs for them?
Me: The department they're in is downstairs.
SC: You're pretty rude, you know.

This is where someone else in the line next to me jumps in.

SC2: You ARE rude! I don't even know her and I saw how RUDE you are!
Me: She asked me if we had any boxes, I told her where they were.
SC: No, you told me to go upstairs and GET them MYSELF!
Me: No, I said they were in the department where the dishes are and that you could leave your things here, I would watch them, and you could go get as many as you needed.
SC2: You're being rude. Everything you said to her was rude.

Now my coworker jumps in. Bless her.
This part is not word for word, as by this point I was seeing red. The general attitude of this SC was testing my very last, and already stressed, nerve.

CW: She's not being rude. She told her where to find what she needed and she (the SC) complained she wasn't doing her job. What else do you want us to do when we already give you the options?

Me: So would you like me to call someone from the department to bring you the boxes?
SC: Do whatever you want.

I call the department and, sure enough, the girl on the phone says they're busy and the SC will have to come get the boxes herself. I tell the dept. CW that the SC has insisted someone bring them to her, and that she'll need about 10 boxes.

The CW at the lane next to me is being relieved, and either she or the cashier who was relieving her called for a supervisor.

My supervisor comes over, talks to the SC and I don't hear anything other than the word "rude" a few times and something about this "ruining her whole day". Whatever.
Like I said, my hearing blows.

My supervisor comes over, shuts off my light, closes my gate and says she's going to get my side.
Note: I love this particular supervisor to death, and she wasn't being a jerk at ALL. She was just doing what was needed, and even gave me the, "This chick is bat-shit crazy look."

Normally I would have returned that look with the, "Yeah, I know. Someone should lock her away for life," look, but I had had it.

Me: Don't bother, I fucking quit. I can't take this shit anymore.

I walked away and towards the cash office.

My supervisor just said, "No, don't!" and followed quickly behind me to the cash office, calling my name and trying to get me to stop and talk, leaving the SC behind.

This is when I get into the office, throw my badge in my mailbox, say, "I can't fucking take these people anymore. I quit!" and leave.
My manager follows me out, we go outside, she gives me a cigarette and we go to talk.

The fist thing she says is, "What are we going to do about you?"
I know she didn't mean that in a bad way, but more in a "what do we have to do to get you to stop hating your job so much?" way.

We sat outside, talked about it, she got my very stressed out side of things, we bitched about customers, she offered to let me go home and I declined, and I agreed not to leave my job.

The worst part is that the frustration (of the situation and life as a whole right now) brought me to tears. I wasn't bawling, but I did let a few slip.

When I went back inside the SC was gone. I don't know if she ever did get her boxes or if anyone even bothered to pay her any mind after I split.
Chances are she stood there for a few minutes, realised that yes, the department coworkers were too busy and would not be bringing her any boxes, and left in a huff.

I was closer to walking out than I've ever been and I regret not doing it, but had a small flash of logic when I realised I have no other job lined up, and would have a hard time finding a new one, what with all the students looking for summer work now and those positions likely already being filled by now.

So I'm a sucker for not leaving. A smart sucker, but still a sucker.

I really do need to find a new job, though. This place is sucking the life out of me.

Oh, and the best part of all of this? The department she would have had to go to to get the boxes was the very first one you enter when you walk into the store.
It would have taken her less than five minutes to walk there, get the boxes and walk back.

But that's my fault, too.

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Old 06-13-2008, 04:23 AM
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Geez, does your body wash have asshole attractant in it?

And what is it about Ikea that brings out the worst in people.

I don't know how you deal with these folks on a daily basis. I'd probably flip out and flip off everybody as I was storming out the door.
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Old 06-13-2008, 04:23 AM
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been there. Please know there are people out there too stupid to live. You deserve better and I am sorry. I wish I could make all the SC just get a clue, or get a shot from the empathy gun.

Old 06-13-2008, 05:38 AM
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Quoth Aislin View Post
been there. Please know there are people out there too stupid to live. You deserve better and I am sorry. I wish I could make all the SC just get a clue, or get a shot from the empathy gun.
Well on the plus side a coworker just took me out for a couple drinks, so that made up for the shitty day at work.

Old 06-13-2008, 05:49 AM
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"What are we going to do about you?"
Nice manager... sounds like a real class act there.
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Old 06-13-2008, 05:58 AM
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Quoth Leopardmadcat View Post
Nice manager... sounds like a real class act there.
She didn't mean it in a bad way. She knows how much I hate my job but love (for the most part) the people who I work with and was meaning it in a way to find a solution to make me enjoy working there again.

She knows I'm looking for a switch to another department and I've told her before that if I don't get the position (because even though it's an internal transfer we still need to apply and get offered the job like anyone else applying from outside the store) I'm going to have to quit so she's on my side for the transfer.

Old 06-13-2008, 04:33 PM
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I came within literally a few seconds of becomeing a yellow shirt-wearing drone. I did the lame "initiation/interview" where I was in a group of morons making forts out of straws and crap and deciding who lives and dies in the theoretical cave-in situations. (there are IKEA's "hiring fairs" if you will). I got the offer, paperwok, and my training lined up.. and something told me at the last minute not to do it.. and in reading these stories and others I see I made the right choice. Not that IKEA is necessarily worse than any other mega-furniture store job (in fact the bennys seemed pretty good), but just working all day every day with the general furniture shopping public is a nightmare in itself.

Old 06-13-2008, 04:53 PM
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Quoth Irving Patrick Freleigh View Post
Geez, does your body wash have asshole attractant in it?

And what is it about Ikea that brings out the worst in people.
According to the ingredients, no, but I'm considering calling the company to ask anyway.

I think what makes people so nuts is that they spend HOURS in the store. They're in there forever which leaves so much room for them to have a bad experience for one reason or another, which inevitably gets taken out on us at cash.

To give you an example of just how long people stay in my store we have a free shuttle bus that runs from the closest subway station to the store and back.
One day I was on this shuttle bus on my way to work for an eight hour shift and happened to notice a couple on the bus with me.
Seven hours later I'm on cash, greatly anticipating going home, and who comes through my lane? The couple from the bus.

What did they buy?
Oh, just a few dishes and kitchen things totaling a little over $50.

People who shop at IKEA are NUTS!

(Although there is one bed I really want from my work, but I can justify my shopping there by my pretty decent discount and the fact that I won't spend more than 15 minutes getting in and getting out.)

Old 06-13-2008, 05:11 PM
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Damn. I was getting pissed off just reading your post. How you didn't explode and go off on those bitches, I'll never know.
And yeah, staying was the good choice, even if it's a bad choice. I've been looking for work since January. It's getting down to the point where I'm applying to retail stores again. Oh, the unending woe.
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Old 06-13-2008, 05:19 PM
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Wow, and second SC chiming in. Why don't these people keep their noses out of things?
And first SC didn't want to get the boxes herself. I imagine the boxes weigh less then the dishes. I hate when people decided to take out their frustrations out on the dear working stiff, who can't really say anything.
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