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As far as them getting a gift card "for complaining", my impression is that many companies will basically throw small stuff to anybody that takes the trouble to actually contact them. Usually it's coupons, but I could believe a small gift card.
And yet not me... I love the curbside service. But one time I had ordered some sliced deli meat and it was... shredded. Not in slices, and not like any deli meat I'd ever gotten before. It must have been the end of that piece of meat (?) or something was wrong with the cutter, I don't know. I do know if I had been in the store and saw that being weighed out for me, I would have refused it. When I did the survey I wrote in my problem, and checked the box that said to contact me.

...Nothing ever happened. I didn't want a coupon or gift card, I just wanted to let someone know what had happened because I was thinking maybe the comments wouldn't be read. Guess I was right! Anyway, I don't order sliced anything when I get curbside. If I ever did again I'd make the poor girl wait while I inspected it. She's nice, and I know it's not her fault of course.
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