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Entitled lotto lady.
Old 10-20-2019, 07:32 AM
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Angry Entitled lotto lady.

So this woman shows up 5 min to close which fair enough we were still open. She then proceeds to buy over $1000 worth of printed lotto tickets.

At this time we are in fact closed and I stop to put the sheaths that contain all the scratch tickets away while I wait for the machine to catch up on printing tickets because I canít do anything until after itís done printing.

Of course bitch lady in her fur coat (who even wears those nowadays? Reminds me of Cruella de Vil), Cristian Louboutin heels (I only recognize them because my fashion designer friend who I went to school with was moaning about them earlier that week and couldnít understand why I was flabbergasted at anyone paying $3000+ for freaking shoes), and really nice Gucci purse decided to throw a tantrum.

EB: I was going to BUY those! How dare you treat customers that way! (O_o Ironic there much?)
Me: well, as we are now closed I legally have to put the lotto away at 10pm and lock the drawer.
EB: *snears* well clearly someone needs to go over how to appreciate your customers with you.
Me:... ďSo that will be $$$.Ē

Then~ she has to check old tickets totalling over $700. But then the number on the lotto machine doesnít match up with the number on the till.

EB: Iím not done yet. You need to check these! *hands over almost two inches thick of lotto tickets including scratchies.*
Me: I canít do the scratch tickets but Iíll check the printed tickets.
EB: well why not! I won I want money.
Me: because the lotto is c l o s e d. The scratch tickets are put away for the night. The store has been closed for 15 minutes.
EB: Iím not leaving until you give me everything Iím owed.
Me: Thatís your choice but under this provinceís law if you are asked to leave a property that is privately owned and you remain on the premises it is trespassing and the cops will be called to escort you.
EB: itís a PUBLIC building.
Me: No, technically its public ACCESS. And only between the specified times the business is operated. The building itself is PRIVATELY owned.
EB: Fine check my tickets then!

I do, only to avoid another argument and get shit done that Iím now behind on. Turns out she couldnít be bothered to use a commoner tool like the self-check station and half her tickets were no winners and the rest for small amount.

EB: are you sure thatís right? You donít seem the kind of person to be very good at this. Maybe your maths off. *all said in that holier then thou tone of voice*
Me: *flips through ticket and matching validation slip, ticket then slip etc.* the machine does the math.
EB: Finally~ (you were the one with 1billion tickets go to a fucking lotto store and do that shit. Theyíre used to dealing with addicts, and people who have nothing better to do.) Now give me my tickets.
Me: the amount comes to $$$.
EB: my tickets!
Me: Sorry I canít hand them over until itís paid for.
EB: grumbles But FINALLY FINALLY pays and leaves.

Seriously I was late by an hour getting home because of this bitch and the balancing was off. Eventually I left a note and said fuck it Iím done.

She must have either been born into money and never had to work a day in her life or have had won the lotto already before because I canít imagine anyone that bitchy being able to hold down a job for long. She would drive either clients or staff away. Maybe if she took that silver spoon up her ass out she wouldnít be such a bitch.
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Old 10-20-2019, 02:27 PM
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What a disgusting creature - I was going to say human being, but she's not human.

I also highly doubt any man would want her with that personality, unless his was equally as horrid.
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Old 10-20-2019, 03:52 PM
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Lotto customers are some of the worst. I say this as someone who just witnesses some of them while at the gas station.

But she takes the cake, what an bitch.

Old 10-22-2019, 05:19 PM
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Thankfully never had to deal with any lotto customers that bad at the wholesale club. But I did enjoy some schadenfreude when Eagles Fan, a co-irker whom I only sort of got along with, missed out on a big lotto win.

EF, you see, liked to drop money on the lotto scratchers. Every weekend, he'd drop anywhere from $50 to $100 (sometimes more!) on $10 scratch tickets. Oft times, if he won, he'd just drop his winnings on more.

One weekend, after dropping a lot of money on them and not winning anything, our coworker RK told him, "You should play again, I think you'll win!" EF refused. So RK went, "Okay, I'll play, then." She bought one $10 scratcher...

...and won $10,000.

EF was furious. From that day forward, if I wanted EF to leave me alone, I'd just innocently remind him, "Hey, you remember when you didn't win $10,000, but RK did?" and he'd scowl and storm off.
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