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I probably won't send you to third party because frankly, I'm better than that.
Old 11-04-2019, 11:51 PM
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Default I probably won't send you to third party because frankly, I'm better than that.

So I have this account where he owes 3 more months plus a late fee on his lease and then I can close the account. I couldn't get him on the phone and I didn't want to call his cell on Hallowe'en (lady who answered at the office said he'd gone to pick up his kids). I sent an email with details. He sent a fairly nice one back stating a service invoice was in collections. I thought he meant it was sent off to a third party, not in our collections. Actually, I may have seen a note to that effect somewhere. He was also upset because he hadn't been able to get back funds he had in reserve. I replied that yes, he could get those funds back if he did X. I also told him I was collecting on the lease but if the other charges were with a third party he needed to go to them to dispute it. I let him know that for the lease I was open to negotiating the late fee and he wouldn't have to go to another dept. to close the contract; I can do those.

I came in today to 3 emails in a row from him. The first one was ordering me to call him. The second was a rant about the referred invoices--why did we do that? The invoice was invalid, yada; I don't know because that happened before I knew he existed. The third was a demand for the CEOs phone number (as if that would happen even if I *DID* know it, plus, you could probably google it). He was using all caps and demanding my supervisor through an email.

I had some choice things to say about me being the sup as far as he is concerned, but after thinking it through I responded to each of his queries--complaints--in order, reiterating what I'd said before. The answering of rhetorical questions ticked him off because he shot back with an insult about my reading comprehension. "I said I'm not paying anything until this is resolved." Um, paying me is what would resolve this. Funny, that.

I rarely do this but since all emails from customers are quarantined before they get to me, I have the option to block someone. Now, who is going to be calling who? It's not a high priority account so I'm putting it on the back burner. I might feel inclined to research the service invoices which I think might not have been referred. Then again, I may not. Meanwhile, late fees will continue to pile up and we will consider them valid. He could avoid that by paying me for the lease and dealing with the other billing separately but NOOOoooooooo. Diggin' your own grave, dude. And yet, I'm not easily sending him to third party because he's already kvetching about his credit rating. I'm nice enough to not do that yet, but I'm taking my sweet time on this.
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He's probably hoping he can get you to just forgive the debt.

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