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Old 07-11-2006, 05:05 AM
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one of my worst customers openly accused me of lying, demanded I get another employee who "knew what they were talking about" and wasnt lazy like me.... she wanted "sulky of america" a quilting item that we DIDNT have any of. I ran the departments back room, I KNEW what was in that room as I spent a good part of each month in their. Plus on that line of products we didnt do the ordering, a rep from the company did, every single monday and if they had seen that it was empty and hadnt gotten us some, it meant our supplier was out of stock. She said to me and I can quote her because it was burned into my brain in outrage "well yes youve told me that but I dont believe you, why would the supplier be out of stock"

obviously shes never worked in any kind of job that requires THINKING, or supply and demand.... GRRRRRRR

I pointed her over to my Department Manager who said.... "oh hang on a second I'll just ask kiwi, she always knows if we have any hidden stock"

look on the customers face priceless... I told her to basically get out and never come back, she was STILL angry and STILL thought I was lying....

yeah im lying even though I have nothing to gain from it... cos thats logical
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Old 07-11-2006, 01:07 PM
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This reminds me of a customer who tried every one of our published email addresses looking for a different answer than the one I originally gave her. As it happened that day, I was monitoring all of our email addresses but one, and the person who was monitoring the other one forwarded the message to me.

The kicker came when she gave up emailing and tried calling us. I was also on phone duty that day.
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The stupid is strong with this one.

Old 07-11-2006, 03:47 PM
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Oh, I love that- we get it alot.

Now, our counter area is not huge- I don't have to raise my voice to talk to someone at the other end.

Me: at one end of counter- had just emptied the drop boxes and was checking stuff in.
CW: at other end of counter talking to Stupid Customer

SC: "Do you guy's have a copy of Annapolis up here?"
CW: "NightAngel- is there a copy of Annapolis anywhere?"
Me: "No."
CW to SC: "No sir, we don't have any."
SC walks down to my end of the counter and looks longingly at the stacks of movies I'm scanning.
SC: "You got any Annapolis in there?"
Me: *glares* "No."
SC: "Never hurts to ask."

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Old 07-11-2006, 06:18 PM
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We have one customer who does this all the time.

In the four weeks I have worked at a call center, this woman has called ten times (And THREE of those times, she has been served by me), each time with a question about her balance, how much she has used her phone, etc. Every time, she is not happy with the initial answer to her question, hangs up on the evil person who dared give her bad news, and phones back, hoping to get a "better" reply from the next person.

What she does not know, is that EVERY call is logged, and we always know EXACTLY what our co-workers have told her... including the fact that she rudely hangs up on them.

AB, asking three different people about your phone bill is not going to make the actual bill any less, or make it magically go away. You use your phone, it goes on record, and the computers calculate the cost of your call, adds all the sums together and that's your bill. At some point, please learn this and stop wasting our time.
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