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Changes to the Photo Album
Old 12-10-2008, 05:27 PM
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Default Changes to the Photo Album

I'm going to make some changes to the Photo Album to create an environment that is more fun and less competitive.

One change that I've already made is the removal of the "Most Popular" page. Sure, we all enjoy sitting at the "cool table," but it's not fair to exclude others. The Popular page has been replaced with "Recent Activity." This page shows members who have received winks or comments in the past week.

What's a wink, you ask? Winks will be replacing "Lookin' Good" votes. A wink will be a fun way to say "hi" or "I liked your page," rather than a token of superficiality.

To further remove the feel of competition, winks will only be visible to the person who receives them. If you wink at someone, you will see your wink on their page, but not the total number of winks they have received.

I hope that this will create a more friendly and enjoyable album for everyone.
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