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A game from another forum.
Old 03-25-2015, 04:41 AM
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Default A game from another forum.

Okay... we all know we wish we could be admins and ban people.
This game is literally ripped off of the pages of The Role-Play Site and is called "Ban the User".

#1 have fun.
#2 the reason for "banning" the person who posted before you can be anything, EXCEPT enforced. We're PLAYING!
#3 Silliness is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!!
#4 refer to Rule #1
#5 same as rule #1, #3, and #6-10. So THERE!!

Like, say, Mytical says... "Banned for not liking smileys"
I would then post, "Banned for... not voting for the Silly Party!" or something like that.

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