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Old 01-18-2019, 03:59 PM
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While most of the clients I worked for didn't do this, can you imagine trying to transcribe a medical report when the dictating provider is driving? One of our contract employees used to tell me about some of the things she'd heard, like the speaker swearing at other drivers, lots of "Are we there yet?" and "Daddy/Mommy, he's looking at me!" plus them forgetting that tunnels block their signals.

(One that happened to a transcriptionist I didn't know was a tape of the doctor and the office manager, who were both married to other people, having sex in the doctor's office. The transcriptionist was afraid she'd lose her job if the doctor knew she'd heard all that, so she was advised to erase the tape and claim it came to her blank.)
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Old 01-19-2019, 02:12 AM
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Quoth Kit-Ginevra View Post
Actually for security using something else memorable as her maiden name isn't a bad idea.For a scammer, finding out her maiden name is easy enough.Figuring out her favourite literary character's surname that you gave as her maiden name.That's a challenge...Just as long as you remember it too
I do something similar; an answer that's technically correct, yet highly unlikely to be social engineered or guessed. One bank that I was doing this with (my mom never changed her name, so I went back a generation and fudged the spelling) wound up "updating" it to the correct answer when they updated their systems, and wouldn't let me change it even after explaining in person why I wanted to.

As a rule, I dislike pre-generated security questions.
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