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Old 06-27-2019, 12:46 PM
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. Kittens are basically fuzzy neutrinos.

Great description =) We have a barn turned into a dwelling, the top floor has these reverse dormer windows and our tiny apex predator loves watching birds and such out the window, so we are building a cat screen porch from one of these dormers and putting a cat flap in so we don't pour the air conditioning out the window. Rob is using simple wood and chicken wire.

We are prepping to move to Nevada [provided the property we look at next month works out we will be out of Connecticut into the western NY house around the first of the year, then a year to flip this property and off to Nevada] and Rob wants to build the cat walkways, hammocks, shelves and nooks around the new house that we keep seeing online, and the structure that is to become our roomies 'tiny house' is getting the floor space doubled as we add a screen porch on the front of the place with a cat flap in the door. We don't want her more elderly kitties running free and becoming coyote snacks, but the place is *tiny* and she can put a really great cat tree and all the litter pans on the porch, and have a great table set up for hanging out and reading at.
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... becoming coyote snacks...
But then Wiley (beep beep) will starve!
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