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The upside of "I'll never do THIS again"
Old 07-05-2019, 01:16 AM
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Default The upside of "I'll never do THIS again"

I took on a coworker's eight-hour shift today (she had a family emergency) and hooboy, I will NEVER do that again. Four or five hours is the most I can stand at that register.

The only bright side is that I finally broke in one of my two new pairs of shoes. I'd been wearing the safety shoes I'd bought for The Clusterfuck, and you know what that means ... absolutely no room for your feet expand during the day due to the lovely mid-sole plate and especially the steel toe.

Around the time I bought the safety shoes, I'd also bought two pairs of good walking shoes. Then I put them in the closet and forgot about them (because after all, my current paid hadn't totally fallen apart yet ...)

I pulled the two new pairs out today. Nearly everybody wears black shoes where I now work. The first pair of new shoes I opened was bright purple with pink laces.

Yeah, not gonna work.

Luckily the second pair was a light grey with light blue laces. I wore them and nobody said anything ... and while my feet were sore at the end of my shift, they would have been suing for divorce had I worn the safety shoes for that long.

I'm thinking at this point I will post the safety shoes for sale locally and see if I get any takers. They've only been lightly worn so should be okay.
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