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If you're referring to the events in Chicago in 1982, Wikipedia says 7 died.
*shudders* That's horrible. It reminds me of a case in the UK in the 1980's, when I was a kid. Someone managed to get broken glass, razor blades, and other dangerous items into jars of baby food. It was the primary reason behind the "button" you get on jars now; if the seal has been broken by someone taking the lid off, then the top of the lid pops up in a small dome. If it hasn't popped up then the seal (theoretically) hasn't been broken.
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The government has started to seriously clamp down on food tampering in NZ, after earlier this year someone was sticking needles into strawberries and almost crippled the NZ fruit industry. Supermarkets lost a ton of money having to destroy the stock due to the risk of it being tampered with.
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