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Almost A Decade
Old 02-03-2017, 11:46 PM
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Default Almost A Decade

I used to be MCSledgehammer (I think, or something like it, my memory fails me), I mostly lurked. But 10 years later, customers still suck, and I'm back. Yay!

Old 02-04-2017, 09:24 PM
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Welcome back, pull up a chair and take a load off. Cookies? Coffee? Brandy?

Old 02-04-2017, 10:33 PM
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Almost a decade, eh? So you aren't quite decadent. No worries, *we are!*
I am not an a**hole. I am a hemorrhoid. I irritate a**holes!
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Old 02-06-2017, 03:53 AM
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Welcome back! We're still the same ol' wonderiful crazies, just with a fresh coat of paint and under new management. Rules are the same as ever, someone should be by soon with cookies and booze, and hey, always glad to see a new old face
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"Don't weep for the stupid; you'll be crying all day!" - Fr. Anderson, Hellsing Ultimate: Abridged
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Old 02-10-2017, 02:14 AM
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It's been a while for me too!I remember.
Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get out of the blanket nest.
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