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two for one yesterday! *LONG*
Old 07-06-2018, 08:17 PM
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Default two for one yesterday! *LONG*

so... after not one but 2 sucky bosses, i'm now working at a 3rd Big Yellow campground... this one's much nicer. but it's also right by the beach and right by some well known very very popular west coast cities, which means the price is hiiiiiiiiigh... but that's (somewhat) beside the point for these 2 tales

first pissy customer: made reservations for August for 2 RV sites. apparently called back a few days later to verify something, and was told she could not put a tent on an RV site. i didn't get to hear that conversation, but she wasn't given the answer she wanted, and the call ended. a little later that day she calls again, and gets me. starts off the call with "someone else told me i couldn't put tents on my RV sites anymore? i've been coming there for years and i always put up a tent for my kids. if i can't put up a tent i'm canceling all our reservations and you guys are going to lose thousands of dollars." (slightly paraphrased, but that's the gist. there was a little rambling. apparently this park DID used to allow it several years ago, but now no longer does, and has been struggling with enforcement, and they're putting their foot down this year).

first i asked if it was going to be a tiny little pup tent for ambiance that no one is going to actually sleep in (sometimes people put up one of those tiny kid tents for their kids to play in during the day) and without actually saying "no" she went around and around and it was fairly obvious that she was going to have kids sleeping in the tents, so then i told her that i had literally been here for 3 weeks and i didn't have the say so to ok that and put her on hold to find a manager. manager told me to get her info, i go back to the phone and she'd hung up. few minutes later she calls and gets my even-newer-than-i-am coworker. i overhear tents/RVs question and tell coworker what manager told me: get her info. coworker writes the info down and call ends. great. i look it over, and she has 8 adults and 7 kids, for 2 sites, and we allow 6 people per site. hmmmmmmmmmmm. (and that's not how many people are listed in the reservations, either).

it's a crazy busy day, so i wasn't able to run off to the manager immediately with this info...so a little bit later she calls AGAIN... and this time she starts saying "i just want a simple yes or no. that's all i want to know. i said "ma'am i'm the same person you talked to before. I can't give you that answer. but i do have your information and i can take it to the manager. it says you have 8 adults and 7 kids?" that was when she started freaking out on me and said "no i only have a couple kids" i tried to clarify... "between the two sites you have 7?" "nooo you're not listening, i only have a few kids!!!!!" repeat a few times, at which point i tried to break in politely and say "let me put you on hold and get a manager," but then she snaps in a SUPER nasty tone "DON'T TALK TO ME"....

so i put her on hold.

hey... she said she didn't want to talk to me anymore.... XD

i found a manager, explained what was going on, she goes to pick up and the customer had hung up. she calls right back, and by now i recognize her number and tell the manager "that's her". manager picks up and gets cussed out. custy claimed i hung up on her. ranting and screaming etc. manager had to tell her "please don't talk to me that way." manager came to the conclusion that she was drunk. it ended semi peacefully, but everyone in the office was like "what day is she coming in? i'm calling out sick that day." and even the customers in the store were like "dang... you all patient!"

pissy guest #2: had made a reservation for a cabin. Big Yellow campgrounds actually has a rather lenient official cancellation policy... 2 days notice for sites, 1 week notice for cabins... lose your 1 night deposit if we have less than enough notice. but all the time people complain if they don't get every penny back. so the guest made a reservation 3 days ago for a cabin 5 days from now... called and wanted to cancel. so of course he's not getting his (considerable... remember those high prices i mentioned?) deposit back.

he is beyond pissed about it. guy started off saying it was ridiculous and we had 24 hours notice blahblah he should get his money back. i explained that Big Yellow nationwide policy was 1 week for cabins. "i've been going to Big Yellow for years all over the country and i've had to cancel plenty of times, i always get my money back, i've never had a problem like this!" (BS alert goes off!). i'm sorry sir but that's what the policy is in every Big Yellow across the country. "No one told me!" did you get an email confirmation? yes. the policy is printed at the bottom of every confirmation email. "yeah i bet it's in really super tiny small print. (it isn't. i've looked. it's a little smaller than the rest of the page, but it is by no means micro or tiny). sorry sir. i've been here for 3 weeks. i don't have the power to override this. "oh yeah, well if you don't refund me now i'm going to call my bank right now and do a chargeback" i can pass your info on to my manager, but there's no managers here right now, and i can't refund you. (he called at 10 min to closing time) "ok i'm calling my bank!!!" ok have a nice evening sir

hopefully it's made clear when the bank researches it that he was the one who made the reservation himself and just didn't read the policy so the chargeback request is a false one and he doesn't get a cent back.. dumbass

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Old 07-07-2018, 01:49 AM
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I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure there are consequences to the cardholder for doing chargebacks.
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Old 07-07-2018, 05:55 AM
katzklaw katzklaw is offline
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i has a sad. angry-man's wife called the next day and apologized for her husband's douchery the night before, and they got their money back, less the normal $10 cancel fee that's applied even if you DO give us enough warning.

now he's gonna throw the same fit next time somewhere else... "but i never have this problem, i always get my money back!"

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Old 07-09-2018, 05:08 PM
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Quoth katzklaw View Post
hey got their money back, less the normal $10 cancel fee that's applied even if you DO give us enough warning.
Pretty generous-I've seen cancellation fees of a night's rent.
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Old 07-10-2018, 12:47 AM
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Quoth taxguykarl View Post
Pretty generous-I've seen cancellation fees of a night's rent.
Which is exactly the problem, as that's what they had been charged until the wife made nice.

Makes me wonder if it's a planned operation, one pisses people off then the other comes cap in hand... How sad, I mean if they actually skipped the evilness and just came cap in hand to begin wit they might stand a better chance of getting what they wanted!
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Old 07-10-2018, 05:18 AM
katzklaw katzklaw is offline
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yep. normal cancellation is 2 nights notice for sites, 1 weeks notice for cabins. if we have that much notice the cancellation fee is $10. if we have less than that, the cancellation fee is the entire one night deposit you put down when you made the reservation. but yeah, that is generous. i've seen 2 weeks to a month's notice just for a site... but i never know who's gonna pitch a fit over that stupid 10 dollars... "omg that's crazy no one charges that! i want ALL my money back!". that one is especially prominent when someone makes a res and turns around and cancels it later that day. "whatta ya mean i don't get all my money back??? i just made this reservation an hour ago!" well ya shoulda made darn certain you were actually coming HERE then, shouldn't you :-P

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Old 07-10-2018, 09:53 AM
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Quoth Silent-Hunter View Post
I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure there are consequences to the cardholder for doing chargebacks.
Not really.. I had a strange charge that I disputed. Come to find out.. The payment processor had an error in which they didn't run the holds they made for numerous people, and ran it weeks later. I dropped the dispute stating what happened. No penalty to me, and the payment processor lost a major client due to all the complaints that were received.
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Old 07-10-2018, 12:18 PM
sstabeler sstabeler is offline
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There can be consequences to the cardholder, IIRC, but only if they abuse the chargeback process. (that is, if they had a reasonable belief the charge was erroneous, then the only penalty is needing to pay whatever amount was owed that the original charge was for (though any penalties for late payment can still be applied- however, where there was legitimate confusion, I wouldn't be surprised if those were waived (provided it's not a regular occurrence)), however, deliberately doing a chargeback on money you legitimately owe is, I believe, considered fraud.
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Old 07-10-2018, 06:28 PM
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The manager should have used social engineering to get the first customer's information including the plate of the camper or vehicle, then said something along the lines of, "Based on your nastiness you will get nothing. And if we see (vehicle with license) on the campgrounds, the authorities will be called and your vehicle will be removed at your cost."
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Old 07-11-2018, 12:21 AM
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I like how the first one went from "I only have 2 kids" to "I only have a few kids." And other information stated 7. So which is it, customer lady? She definitely was trying to pull something.
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