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Quoth mjr View Post
A few things:
3. I've also considered getting into woodworking and leatherworking. I can just imagine what would happen if I tried to sell things I made in those categories. For instance, I wouldn't mind making chessboards. Just the boards, no pieces. If I made boards and tried to sell them for $100 (or more) I know I'd likely get complaints.
I recently saw pics of custom made wood cutting boards that went for like $750. These things were the sort that could last a lifetime, made of hardwood, and very pretty.

If I had a few million dollars, I'd want the guy to do my floors.

I'm taking a leave of absence in a couple weeks to finish my Master's degree. I'm tempted to start leaving business cards with my Instagram with the pastries, just in case.
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Quoth mjr View Post
2. I don't really do "side" programming jobs, but if I did, I think I'd run into the same issues a lot of you have. "What do you mean you can't make me a full website for $20?"
I don't do side tax work (other than answering queries here) except for my mother and MIL. Both on paper. Mom's is usually a month after the deadline, so I get to call that her Mothers' Day Gift. I just started doing MIL's: her SIL, Mrs. TGK's aunt, started taking care a spouse with Alzheimer's, a retired CPA used to do MIL's returns. If I can finish MIL's within the next couple of weeks, we can call it a part of her birthday gift---she turns 89 this year.
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