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The Note Left on My Car
Old 02-24-2020, 06:12 AM
Rayndel Rayndel is online now
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Default The Note Left on My Car

6 years ago (according to my FB memories) I left work after closing the store and found a note stuck in my driver side window. The following is my transcription of said note, leaving all punctuation and spelling as exact as I could when typing it out. The parts in brackets are the parts that I couldn't convey properly.

Hi My name is Dirk! I was in the turqoise-blue Honda CRX. You are wearing purple shirt (my fav-color) color of Royalty!) I also saw you in the store guess you are working thought you have a beautiful sexy simple look! You sure caught my eyes and you even smiled at me in the store and me back, well I thought I'd give you my # its, ***-***-**** Call me [other side]
I don't know if your attached to anyone seriously, but I'm in the valley today & tomorrow Only! [Only is underlined twice!] visiting parents. I live in the white mountains up N. I'm alone would love to get to know you!! call me even if not interested okay I would appreciate it I know this is out of the way but thought you were worth it [worth it is underlined]

Old 02-24-2020, 10:37 AM
Buzzard Buzzard is offline
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...I get the whole "If you don't ask, you don't get nothin" idea, but... Deliberately starting a long-distance relationship, or a quick fling via crappily written note is just absolute crap-at-best.

Of course, this is also glossing over the whole "employee doing good PR performance just MUST be flirting with me" angle.

Old 02-25-2020, 01:07 AM
workerbee222 workerbee222 is offline
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Am I missing something, or - did this person have to stalk you a little to know which car you drove? There's no way any customer where I worked would know what car I drove. I like it that way.

Old 02-25-2020, 02:42 AM
Seanette's Avatar
Seanette Seanette is offline
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Creepy much? If this were happening now, I'd be letting store security know to keep an eye on this guy, if you can put a face to the name.
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Old 02-25-2020, 01:53 PM
Rosco the Iroc's Avatar
Rosco the Iroc Rosco the Iroc is offline
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Call him maybe?
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Old 02-25-2020, 01:54 PM
evilhomer's Avatar
evilhomer evilhomer is offline
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Quoth workerbee222 View Post
Am I missing something, or - did this person have to stalk you a little to know which car you drove? There's no way any customer where I worked would know what car I drove. I like it that way.
That's my first question, how the F did he know which car to put the note on? I guess as things turned out, this guy was harmless but that is creepy as hell.
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Old 02-26-2020, 05:23 AM
Rayndel Rayndel is online now
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He probably saw me getting out of my car after I did the bank run. I did remember his car, it was parked in the spot diagonal to mine.

I'm terrible with faces to begin with, but no one that day stood out any more than anyone else, so I wouldn't have been able to point him out. Fortunately, nothing came of it aside from us laughing about the ridiculousness of it once the creepy factor wore off. The note lived in the office for awhile.

Old 02-27-2020, 05:17 AM
SpyOne SpyOne is offline
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This is mostly handling this exactly right:
"I didn't want to talk to you while you were working, so I found a way to message you privately. And, I'm providing my contact information and letting you decide if you want to provide yours. And I'm making it clear that I don't live locally, but do visit the area regularly, so that can inform your decision about whether to contact me."
That's all good.

"And rather than put this note in an envelope and ask a co-worker to give it to you or something, I stalked you at least enough to identify your car. Hope that doesn't feel threatening."
Not good.

But I get where it is coming from. When I was about 12 and girls first started appearing on my radar, ... you do want to find out a bit about the girl before you say anything. And I quickly learned that I was really very good at that. If a friend expressed interest in a girl, within days I would know her home address.
Then I learned I needed to dial that back, because there's a line between "I find you interesting" and "I watch you when you sleep" that you want to stay well away from.

But the good news is that this guy seemed to think you are smokin' hot, have keen fashion sense, and you (or at least the version of you that you put on at work) are someone he wants to know better.
And he felt all those things strongly enough to overcome his "but there's no good way to hit on her" blocks.

Old 02-28-2020, 03:35 PM
Dragon_Dreamer's Avatar
Dragon_Dreamer Dragon_Dreamer is offline
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Still no excuse, and STILL pretty creepy as hell and violating.

Old 03-04-2020, 05:53 AM
Rayndel Rayndel is online now
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 32

He also blatantly missed my engagement ring.

But yeah, finding a note on your car at 9:30 at night in a mostly empty parking lot is not a fun time. (Admittedly, he would have left it on my car around 2-3 in the afternoon, so he had no way of knowing that.)
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