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Old 10-19-2019, 08:18 PM
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Want a melt down? My mom. 1970's. Nomad Wagon, freshly painted (by my Dad) Candy Apple Red with enough clear coat to make you think you'd sink your hand into the paint. Two ditzy girls in another car, getting in/out, slam their door into that paint job and SMIRK at her over it. She kicked the living shit out of the side of their car in return. They sped off.

Me. 1995 with a 1981 Ford Fairmont. Vs a 1960 Mustang. The 'Stang rolled into my Fairmont. Friend was driving (since I suck at taking directions) and she was PISSED. Girl driving Stang was sobbing. And I'm like... eh. The 'Mont was a brick shithouse. It did NOTHING, because the 'Mont had a trailer hitch. (Not like modern cars where you're lucky it can pull it's own weight). Scraped the chrome on the 'Stang's bumper.. back when bumpers weren't made of plastic. Eh. I was more peeved by the 'Stang's damage. Beautiful car.
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Old 10-21-2019, 08:26 AM
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Quoth raudf View Post
Want a melt down? My mom. 1970's. Nomad Wagon, freshly painted (by my Dad) Candy Apple Red with enough clear coat to make you think you'd sink your hand into the paint. Two ditzy girls in another car, getting in/out, slam their door into that paint job and SMIRK at her over it. She kicked the living shit out of the side of their car in return. They sped off.
I really can't blame your mum. If they'd apologised as soon as it happened, not acceptable, but by smirking it sounds like they did it deliberately.

Googled the car, and combined with the paint-job it sounds absolutely awesome. No wonder your mum was upset!
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Old 10-21-2019, 09:15 PM
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I suppose it's time to post this clip.
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Old 10-26-2019, 03:51 PM
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Quoth Ironclad Alibi View Post
I suppose it's time to post this clip.
And if you did that with any modern car they'd both end up totaled.

In my first car, a '92 Pontiac Sunbird, I used to just plow right in and push shopping carts and crap out of the way. I didn't mind, that's what bumpers were for.

Fast forward to today. I wouldn't do that anymore in either of my cars. In the Impreza I regularly put my cart right up against my bumper while unloading.

In the Miata, nothing touches it. I'm very careful opening the door. I park it dead center. I don't want that rare, beautiful, blue paint job marred. I love that car. This is my second one, actually. The first was declared totaled after I got rear-ended, having only had the car for four months.

But I didn't yell or threaten or try to beat the shit out of the guy, even if he was almost certainly a cellphone-driving asshole (how else could you miss the fact that HEY, TRAFFIC IS FUCKING STOPPED?!). I am however squeezing his insurance for every damn penny.
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Old 10-27-2019, 02:21 PM
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I went to my local shopping centre a while ago. I parked my nice car in the middle of the markings and got out. There was a bogan sitting in the drivers seat of the car next to mine and he erupted from his car complaining that I had hit his car with my door.

I hadn't. So I said that. He continued complaining. I continued insisting I had not hit his car. He came around and wiped some dirt off his finish, and then looked along it to see if there was a mark.

You would think that a layer of dirt would be a clue, but no, he kept asking for an apology. I kept telling him I had noting to apologise for.

After I had been into the shop and came back out, he was still at it. I just ignored him, got into my car and drove away. Nothing has happened since, but it was really annoying.

Old 11-02-2019, 02:45 PM
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Quoth csquared View Post
Leasing. That ding could cost them when the lease is up. While there will be a level of "normal wear and tear", the dealership will draw the line somewhere.
Rentals too. Even with the (massively overpriced) insurance you can get, you're on the hook for any damage done to the car while you have it. They go over those cars with a fine tooth comb before handing them off to the next customer. They mark down each and every flaw, inside and out--and will find some excuse to get someone else to pay for it.

The other thing, is that it might not have been her car. Who hasn't borrowed their mom's (or grandparents,' brother's, sister's, etc.) vehicle to do some shopping? Most of us treat cars that aren't ours with kid gloves.

Lastly, has anyone had a car repainted? I had my 1970 MGB GT repainted close to its original color. While it's not perfect, it was pretty damn expensive. We're talking about $6,000, folks You can be damn sure I'd strangle someone who opened their door into it.
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Old 11-12-2019, 01:19 AM
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Quoth Pixelated View Post
Good point. I have an old 'beater' so frankly, unless you do something that makes it unusable (like the idiot who backed into the driver's door of my previous vehicle, making it nearly impossible to open) my response is likely to be "Oh well." I have always seen a car as a box on four wheels that lets me get from A to B faster than walking.

Having said that, that's also one of the reasons I've never been interested in buying a brand-new car, because that would cause me to be a lot more -- er -- "responsive" to the slings and arrows (and dings and dents) of outrageous fortune.
I'm that way, too. A dent would probably improve the appearance of my 25-year-old car. Having said that, I'm very careful with my car around other people's cars because I don't want to damage other people's property. (I heard this line on Car Talk: "I doubled the value of my car. I filled it up with gas." That's my car.)

Old 11-12-2019, 05:43 AM
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Heh--our old cars are probably our most valuable cars. Especially the wife's zoomy sports car, which is closing in on 40 years old. Mine is older, but less iconic and less valuable.
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Old 11-12-2019, 12:16 PM
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My car is a 2001 Saturn tinker toy. Nothing wrong with it that an asteroid strike won't fix
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Old 01-14-2020, 09:59 PM
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Quoth raudf View Post
Two ditzy girls in another car, getting in/out, slam their door into that paint job and SMIRK at her over it. She kicked the living shit out of the side of their car in return.
A buddy of nearly 40 years (although we haven't been in close touch for a decade-an-a-half or so now), has often had nice, used, daily drivers, as well as hot rods/restored classics. He has always been very picky about the hot rods/restored, and the nicer daily drivers.

I recall on at least one occasion, and likely with one of the DDs, we came back out to the parking lot of wherever we were at to find somebody parked their car close enough to his that a carelessly opened door on their car could have dinged his.

He gave his car a good look-over, perhaps even running his hand along it in places, as if he was inspecting a newly-done body repair and repaint. He didn't find anything new, just a ding or two he was pretty certain were already there. He even looked at the other car for corresponding evidence on it, to the dings on his car. He said that if he had found anything new, he would have kicked the shit out of the other car.

Although I don't know that I would have had the nerve to do that myself, had it been *my* car and no matter *how* pissed I was, I had to admire him for his "fairness", to the driver of the other car, in not assuming the dings my buddy found on his car had come from the one next to it.

Also, to the shopping cart point; this is about 25 or so years ago, before Oct of 1995, anyway, when my one and only car ever, died on me.

I had just parked in the lot of a local store and had gotten out of my car to head into the store. The parking lot was on an incline, and I suddenly notice a shopping cart rolling down it, heading straight toward a nice, likely then-new(ish) VW Jetta parked along the front edge of the lot. I didn't see anyone else around that the cart could "belonged" to, so maybe somebody just left it in a parking space and a vibration or something set it in motion.

As mentioned above, the cart was headed *straight* for the Jetta, and, as I recall it was all alone in that area, or at least a spot or two on each side of it were open. I went running after the cart and fortunately was able to catch it before it hit the Jetta.

As I was wheeling the cart back toward the store, whether for my own use during that shopping trip or to "put it away" if I didn't need a cart, I was pretty proud of myself for doing a good deed, even if the Jetta owner would never find out about it, or if there weren't even any witnesses to my good deed.

I think it may have been some time after that incident that I realized how differently that scenario may have been had I not been so fortunate to catch the cart, *and* had the owner of the Jetta or a well-meaning witness had come out to see me chasing after the cart just before hitting the Jetta.

I could have basically proven to them that I was on my way *into* the store since I didn't have any groceries in my car, but would have had to rely on them believing that I hadn't simply grabbed the cart from the lot for my own use, and it had gotten away from me.

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