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Part Rin Ten Ten, Canine Cop.

We're gonna skip ahead a bit, its now two years later....

Nah, I'm kidding yall.

Anyways, so I've discovered Slumlord's special...stash...of stuffins. I screencapped away, and proceeded to get all my ducks in a row about what we were going to do next.

Didn't get too far with that, actually. Couple of days later, in the middle of a raid in Everquest 2, I went into labor.

...They kicked me out of the raid too. I told them I had at LEAST a few more hours! Meanies.

So, off to the hospital we go! Friend of ours promptly swung by to pick up Kyo, as we couldn't trust Slumlord to not suddenly pop in with the opportunity of a lifetime in his grasp.

Few days later, we arrive back with out brand new lil' bundle. All seems to be going quietly for a couple of days, actually, and even the receptionist ooh'd and awww'd over our baby girl.

Slumlord, though, saw this as his shining moment.

Not a week after the baby arrived, I was served with a final eviction notice. Not really a notice so much as “your lease is up. Get out. Now.”

I went to Slumlord's office, and pleaded with him to reconsider. I explained how rough it was going to be for the next month, and couldn't they at least work with us on that?

The cherry on the cake?

Slumlord had a warrant of sorts out, and posted notices that if I was spotted on the property, to call the police, they were already told I was to promptly be arrested for trespassing, and charged with intent for breaking and entering.

And then he followed up with this: “Guess your husband will just have to learn how to bottle feed the brat, won't he?”

That was it. That was the straw.

I went back to the room, pretended to pack my bags to go, and in actuality had a friend take most of my stuff out to a storage, so that I could stay, in secret.

For the next two and a half months, I hid in that room, only coming out in the dead of night. If they stopped on by to check for me, I stayed hidden in the bathroom until they left.

And I worked. And prepared. I even located us a new apartment to stay in.

I know Slumlord suspected, probably even knew, but he couldn't barge into what was now CG's room, especially with the baby. He probably realized that things were about to hit the fan.

The day of freedom came. CG went and got a visitor's pass for me, so I could actually move around in the daytime and help pack up the rest of the stuff.

Slumlord watched me the entire time I helped move things out, and I grinned like a confounded Cheshire cat right back at him. Poor Rex just sat there, wagging his tail so hard his whole body shook, because the poor pooch apparently missed me. (Did I mention that after Slumlord yelled at me to stop feeding his dog, Rex mysteriously was getting slices of ham and turkey? Bwahaha)

And that was it. We loaded up the car, the baby, and shook their dust from our sandals, and never, EVER went back again.


So, what happened after that, eh?

Well, once we got our stuff unpacked, we made a quick stop at the college. I went to the nearest computer and promptly sent off an email from a disposable account, with a massive amount of documents and a description of what was going on, to the college board, and to the personal account of the college president. (long story, but had to send it anon, I was no longer welcome at the college either)

And after someone I was acquainted with drove on past and checked to make sure it was all still there....

The local police got a tip a couple of weeks later about someone “distributing large quantities of underage and bestial porn to college students, and potentially minors.”

Slumlord knew it was me, though.

He actually got with the CEO of the company, who promptly sent a collection agency out after me and the husband for a false debt. Their allegations?

1. Two rooms, covered in cat feces and urine. Carpet destroyed, and to the point of replacement and a floor scrubbing.

Now, Kyo was a “sheddy” cat, but we vaccuumed daily, and he never, EVER, went outside his litter box. Not only that, but he was only in my room, EVER. And as I've said...neatfreak. So the allegations that he also destroyed CG's previous room, before he moved in with me, was sheer insanity.

2. Unpaid rent.

Don't even need to cover that, it was their standard tactic of “misplacing” the pay stubs.

3. Stolen fridge, valued at $300.

This one made me laugh the hardest. Yes, they tried to charge me for my own fridge. Even still, $300? Really? My fridge only cost $150, theirs was actually $110. So I'm not sure why they tried to claim $300....maybe there was a gold nugget hidden inside of it somewhere!

The first collection agency stopped short when I politely asked that they provide proof of the debt claims. And never contacted us again.

Slumlord then hired a second. And then a third.

The third and final agency, I sent a registered letter detailing that if I was going to ever, EVER be harassed again regarding this, I wanted detailed documents and photos explaining the debt, and the charges. And that if they couldn't provide it within 60 days...the debt was invalid, and that I'd better not see it on my credit history anymore.

They couldn't provide ANYTHING. I called them up to confirm that it was done, and the lady was, albeit sounding a bit bitter, quite polite. She confirmed that no documentation was ever submitted, even though they pressed for it, and that the note on our credit history was going to be removed.

As a nice sidenote, she commented that apparently Slumlord and his CEO didn't actually pay them for their time, and the collection agency was probably going to go after them now!

After that, I forgot all about it, because we honestly had some problems to take care of with the new apartment. (We didn't stay at them long, either, haha)

However, when I did remember to look again, ohhhh happy day.

According to a newspaper article I found online, the complex had been busted several times by the police on various drug raids, etc, etc.

But, the final straw came when the college got an anonymous tip (hehehe) about the conditions and the situations occurring there. A surprise investigation revealed that the complex was falsely advertising themselves as the college's soon-to-be-official dorms, and as fully endorsed by said college.

The college pulled up all stakes with them, and actually sued the company for it.

Slumlord was fired over an “internal scandal” (their words, not sure what happened to him exactly), and had disappeared.

CEO's company folded, and he had to declare bankruptcy, because word got out to all the other colleges near the other locations, and they all closed up, one after the other.

So in the end, it was honestly a frustrating, horrible experience, but I'm the better for it.

I know now how to handle myself under pressure, and I realize how important it is to keep myself informed, and to read up on ways to help myself. I don't have to roll over and cave over things like this. I used many of the things I learned from that experience, with the next apartment, and the troubles I went through. I learned to read through my lease, and the next time, we weren't trapped when we needed to get out. So it helped, in a strange, roundabout way. I went through it for a reason.

And plus? If I hadn't been there? Hadn't gone through this?

I wouldn't have met my husband, and I wouldn't have a wonderful family, and now be in a better place.

Although, then I wouldn't have to deal with so much laundry.

By popular request....I am now officially the Enemy of Normalcy.

"What is unobtainium? To Seraph, it's a normal client. :P" -- Observant Friend

Old 03-20-2012, 04:24 PM
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Funny story, I actually DID post on www.apartmentratings.com about them, and Slumlord actually replied nastily to my review, and noted that he knew exactly who wrote it.

And it brought to mind something I totally, totally forgot. Not sure how I did, but I did.

The sewage issue.

Again, adjoining room next to me tried to flush something down the pipes that they shouldn't, and it backed up the sewage lines. However, due to the way the lines were set up, this meant that all the backed up sewage had only one place to go: my bathtub.

Yes, it was a common thing for the last five months of my stay to come back, and find the tub nearly overflowing with horrific smelling sewage and other nasties. Slumlord told us this was just my fault for picking the wrong room, and they never really got around to fixing it. CG and I never touched the tub again afterwards, we just showered at our friend's homes.

Again, just glad that honestly, we got out of there alive, and that we are the better for it. Yay. ^^
By popular request....I am now officially the Enemy of Normalcy.

"What is unobtainium? To Seraph, it's a normal client. :P" -- Observant Friend

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