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"Scruffles" by Cominatcha
Old 07-17-2006, 04:59 AM
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Default "Scruffles" by Cominatcha

When I was 17 i was at school doing a veterinary studies course, and as part of that course, we had to complete 2 full weeks of work experience at a vet clinic of our choice. Okay, no worries, I can handle that...right?

Um NO.

The first week went okaay i spose... I got scratched and bitten and didnt understand alot of the instructions they gave me. I was pushed aside and ignored and sent on stupid 'errands' cause I was merely the little 'work experience kid.'

The second week, a puppy was brought in to the clinic. It had scruffy black fur, and even though it was pretty dopey looking, I thought it was cute.
They placed it down on one of the tables and I stood by and watched what I assumed would be a routine check-up or something.

The vet brought out a rather large syringe filled with green stuff. I thought 'okay, so he's getting a shot or something, probably a vaccination.'
He jabbed the syringe into the puppy, who i decided to name 'scruffles' (yes I know he wasnt my dog, but i was making the most of things). He asked me if I wanted to give him the injection as he supervised, y'know, get a little more experience under my belt and all. So i thought 'well...i guess it's for the best, since I want to become a vet eventually.'

So I gave that puppy the injection of green stuff from that large syringe.

The puppy went all floppy, like he fell down and wouldn't move.

The vet removed the syringe and proceeded to bring out a black garbage bag.
It suddenly dawned on me what had just happened.

I stood there in absolute shock, as I watched them toss the dog into the bag and then into the freezer. I couldn't believe it, why didnt they tell me?!?

I no longer want to be a vet, I quit the course the day after and didn't finish my work experience.
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