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Disrespectful People Towards Disabilities By Yizuman
Old 07-08-2006, 06:01 PM
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Default Disrespectful People Towards Disabilities By Yizuman

One day when I was working for a big grocery/merchandise chain that I had an old hag that came to my lane with a cart full of groceries. After ringing them all up, I announced the final total to her and she mumbled something that I could not understand.

(Make note that I am deaf and lip reading dependant. My hearing-aids only serves to alert me of sounds, but not help me fully understand speech.)

I asked her to repeat what she said. She looked up from her checkbook and then looked at me. She tilted her head sideways and noticed my hearing-aids. What I read from her lips forever burned into my brain......


She promply walked off my lane while leaving all the crap behind that she was going to buy that we had to take back to the shelves.

I stood there totally dumbfounded and I turned to see staff members looking shocked as their eyes followed the old hag out to the door.

My feet started shaking, working it's way up to my legs, then my hands. Tears started to form in my eyes. The Team Leader ran up to me, looked right at me in the eyes while she pointed towards the back of the building. She told me to take a break and not to come back out to the register area until I am damn good and ready.

I turned off my lane light, grabbed my cigs from under the register counter and walked off towards the smoking break room. I then smoked my brains out for over an hour until I felt calm and ready to go back to work. While I was there, I was offered to be sent home. I declined because I needed my paycheck.

I have never, ever in my entire life have been told such hateful words from an old hag like her. Sure, I have been called four ears, wooden ears and such. But nothing like this and I hope to god I never hear this ever again!


P.S I am near in tears as I write this, but it's good therapy for me from time to time. It's so hurtful and when I am reminded from something from time to time, the hurt comes back strong. But I MUST BE STRONGER!

Thank you CS.com for the existance of this site, without it, I would not know who to share my story with and feel better afterwards.
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