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Old 09-21-2009, 06:21 PM
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Well, that's it! I have had my last shift! And what was most annoying about it was that I didn't have an SC event! I had 5 years of bartenders rage ready to take out on any SC's I encountered, and then they all went and behaved themselves!

Feeling a lot of mixed emotions at the minute. Two years ago I thought I wanted to work in bars forever, despite the SC's. I loved my job, but as soon as I went to management level, that's when it all went downhill. The shit that came with it just wasn't worth it. And when I had to leave my bar and move to the pub I just quit, well, that was like going into a war zone! The SC's were out of control and none of the other managers seemed to want to do anything about it.

As I was cashing up on my last shift, I overheard a co-worker talking in the glasswash area:

CW: I don't want customersruinmylife to go! We finally get a manager who gives a fuck about the well-being of the staff, and takes the time to get to know us, and he gets driven out! It's just not fair.

I'm going to keep posting on here, so don't worry. There are some stories I haven't told yet!

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Old 10-02-2009, 03:42 AM
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I've got a new job...and it is at the pub I have just left!

The teacher training is going very, very well, I absolutely love it, however, I am not getting paid for it. I will not get any kind of income until January when the course starts. I saved up quite a bit of money, and that would normally get me by, but with Christmas coming up, my funds are going to be a bit stretched.

My girlfriend, who works at the pub, was talking about this to a co-worker. She's a bit worried I am going to end up overdrawn and with huge debts, and to be honest, it was making me worry a little bit. But I left the pub not only because I wanted to start my teacher training, but because I absolutely could not stand working with the drunken customers anymore. My old boss overheard this conversation.

Not to sound too bigheaded, but I am quite a good cook. At the pub, if a cook called in sick or they were busy, I could go in and help out very easily, and it was a blast. I was away from the customers, free to say what I wanted and had a laugh. My old boss called and offered me a job in the kitchen, part time of course.

I am very tempted to take it. None of the reasons why I left were to do with bad management or anything. It was because of the horrible customers. Now I have been given the chance to earn some money, do my teacher training and get away from the customers! And best of all, I won't be a manager anymore! No responsibility!

Anyone here have any views?

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Old 12-07-2009, 12:23 AM
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A new manager started at the pub this week. This guy is basically my replacement, and has apparently been working in pubs for 25 years. He has been brought in from another pub in town, and my God, he has left an impression.

I'm going to divide this up into days. Remember, I only work at the pub part time now, so most of the incidents I heard were from other people. I will call the new manager NM.


So NM starts at the pub. Boss gives him a tour and introduces him to the staff. Boss has to leave, so she leaves him with another manager for the rest of the day. The manager she left him with is not much older than me. He is in his mid-twenties, hasn't been managing pubs for all that long, but he knows what he is talking about. NW is in his late fifties.

Apparently, during the whole day, NW spoke to the manager like he was five years old, constantly saying things like "Now look here, young man..." and always seemed to call him "Boy". Now, this doesnt sound like much, but he did it ALL THE TIME. Manager was getting very irritated being spoken to like he was a naughty child.

Later in the day, a co-worker who works in the kitchen came in. NW follwed him into the kitchen and introduced himself.

NM: Now, I just need to ask...do any of you in this place KNOW HOW TO WASH PLATES?

CW laughed, thinking it was some sort of joke to break the ice. It wasn't. NW was deadly serious.

NM: YOU are getting a crash course with me on how to wash up!

NM dragged CW to the sink, and showed him how to clean a plate. Yes that's right. He actually showed him how to do the washing up, and apparently used the most patronising tone he could. This was also while the kitchen was having a little rush, so the food orders were getting delayed because of this.

NM: ...and then, when you have cleaned it, put it into the dishwasher, and push this button. Did you get all that?
CW: Uuhh...yeah.
NM: Good. Any questions?
CW: Umm, well no. But just so you know, I have worked here for five years. I know how to wash a plate.
NM: Yeah...right.

NM walked out the kitchen. CW was stunned.


Nothing much happened on Tuesday apparently. Except for that he was working with the same manager as the day before. Again, he spoke to him like he was a little boy. Manager had to go vent with a member of staff.

Remember, this is a member of management, bitching about another member of management to a member of staff. He was that annoyed.


NM had his first shift on his own. A day shift. A co-worker who was working on the bar on Tuesday night was also in. He called her into the office.

NM: Hi, I am NM, the new manager.
CW: Oh hi, pleased to meet you.
NM: I noticed you were on shift last night...
CW: Yes I was.
NM: Well, I have to tell you, I am quite frankly disgusted with the standard of the close last night.
CW: Oh...may I ask why?
NM: There was some broken glass in the yard. WHY was this not taken care of?
CW: Oh, I wasn't anywhere near the yard last night, I was responsible for cleaning the bar area...
NM: That is NOT what I am asking! Why was this not taken care of?
CW: Well, I didn't know anything about it...
NM: Then WHY didn't you check?
CW: Well...I would have thought it would have been a manager or supervisors responsibil-
NM: No! You should have checked!
CW: But I was taking care of the bar! Usually a member of management checks the yard when they lock up.
NM: Do not answer me back!

He handed her a broom and dustpan.

NM: Get out there and get it cleaned.

It was freezing cold, windy and it was raining. CW is a very timid girl, so she did as she was told, but I swear, if it had been me, that broom would have been up his arse.

Thursday and Friday were his days off.


It was 5:45 and me and two co-workers walked into the pub. We were due to start at 6pm. We walked behind the bar and headed for the back room where we could get changed and ready for our shift. It was also quite busy when we entered, and there were quite a lot of glasses everywhere.

NM: Oh, nice of you to join us!
Me: Oh...hi, I don't believe we've met...
NM: Never mind that! Can't you see we are busy?! There are glasses everywhere! Don't you people know how to wash a glass? Would you like me to teach you??
NM: Right! Over here! The three of you!

NM then proceeded to teach us how to wash a glass, in the exact same manner he had used to teach one of the cooks how to wash a plate.

NM: And that is how you wash a glass! Got it?? Good! Now do something useful and wash the glasses! We are busy!

The three of us walked into the back room as quick as we could.

CW2: Who the fuck was that? He didn't even introduce himself! Why is he shouting at complete strangers?

NM's shift ended. A different member of management burst into the kitchen, with his hands buried in his face.

M2: I am so glad that ARSE HOLE has gone!! Oh my God! I have never met such an infuriating man!


A member of barstaff's bus dropped her off half an hour before her shift was due to start. She made herself a coffee and headed for the back room.

NM: No, no, no! You can start now!
CW: Huh?
NM: Put the coffee down and start right now!
CW: Are you going to pay me for starting right now?
NM: No-
CW: Then no!

CW shut herself in the back room. She had never met him before either. Apparently NM left a note behind for the manager taking over to look out for the "troublemakers" in the pub.

And that was his first week!

Boss has been off all week, but I think words are going to be had when she returns. I just don't understand how someone could be that rude on their first week!

I have got my first full shift with him tomorrow. I don't normally work Monday nights, but I am covering for someone who is on holiday. Basically, I work in the school all day Monday, and then I am going to have to go straight from the school to the pub, so I am not exactly going to be in the mood for someone being rude to me!

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Old 12-11-2009, 04:13 PM
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I mentioned in my previous thread that the new manager hadn't made a good impression on the pub, but I hadn't encountered anything sucky yet. Well, I just did, not even five minutes ago.

A co-worker who works in the kitchen was whining that she was working tonight. She really didn't want to and was meant to be going to a friends birthday party. I would have worked the shift if she had swapped with me, but she just wanted me to do the shift, meaning I would only have one day off this week, and that is NOT including my days at school. So I refused.

About five minutes ago, I get a phone call. It is new manager!

NM: Hi customersruinmylife, I was just wondering if you could come in a couple of hours early tonight.
Me: Early? Wh-
NM: *interupting* Yes, come in at 5 instead of 7. That would be great! See you!
Me: Hang on! I'm not working tonight.
NM: Yes you are.
Me: No I'm not.
NM: I think you are.
Me: Well I'm not.
NM: Are you sure you're not mistaken?
Me: Yes, because I write my hours down in a diary each week, and I don't work Fridays because I have my placement in school all day.
NM: .....
Me: So, I'm not working tonight.
NM: Well...we need someone in tonight because CW has called in sick.

He was talking about the girl that was bitching about wanting the night off.

Me: So you were aware she was meant to be working tonight?
NM: Uhhh...
Me: So you just outright LIED to me to try and trick me into working???
NM: Uhhh.....
Me: You do know I am part time right? I am already working five days this week and you just tried to make me work six??
NM: Well...we still need someone in the kitchen tonight. We have a booking.
Me: Well I'm not working.
NM: You have plans then?
Me: No! I just don't want to! *click*

He has tried ringing back twice. I refuse to pick up. I'm so angry

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Old 02-04-2010, 11:36 PM
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When I do an evening shift, my bus home is due at eight minutes past the hour. If I miss that bus, then I am waiting until after 11pm for the next one, and it's a half hour journey home. This is a major pain if I am on my school placement the next day, so it's pretty important that I get the first bus. The bus stop is right outside the pub, so I have eight minutes to get changed and go for it.

So food has finished, and the clock has struck the hour. I am done. I walk out the kitchen, to the back room, get changed and am heading out. All of a sudden, I hear:

NM: Ah-hem! Customersruinmylife, wait a moment!
Me: What is it?
NM: I have some customers ordering food. If you could go back in the kitchen and make it, that would be great.
Me: But the kitchen's closed! I've turned everything off!
NM: Oh, well, I thought you wouldn't mind...
Me: ...going back in and cooking food while I am not getting paid? I've got to go get my bus.

I started to walk away.

NM: Now, customersruinmylife, let's not be unreasonable.
Me: I have a bus that is due in less than 5 minutes. It will take 15 minutes for me to get everything turned back on again. NO. I have to be up at 6:30 for my placement. I am not waiting around until 11pm for the next bus.
NM: But you're the only person on tonight who knows how to run the kitchen. You can't let the customers down.
Me: If the customers could read, they would know what time we stopped serving food at. They should not be ordering, and you shouldn't let them.
NM: Well I've already told them yes and rang the food through. Here's the ticket.

It wasn't a simple run of the mill order. Four meals with sides, and it would have required me to turn everything back on, and unwrap loads of things.

Me: Nope, not doing it. I'm finished, and I'm going for my bus.
NM: But the customers...
Me: You will just have to go and tell them no.

I walked out. I heard him call after me. I am livid.

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Old 05-08-2010, 11:43 AM
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So, as some of you may know I am currently trying my best to become a teacher. Unfortunately, I am not on a course at this moment in time, and will not be back at university until 2011. This is because I did not apply for any courses until I was absolutely certain that I wanted to teach, and by the time I had decided, I had missed the deadline.

So for the past few months, I have been volunteering at the school. Going in two days a week, working with the kids, helping the teachers, just so I can make my CV look good when I do eventually apply. I also absolutely love it, and have never cared that I was not earning money doing this.

So I go into school yesterday, and the head (principle) pulls me into her office. The first thing I think is "Oh God, they're getting rid of me!" because each time I saw her in a corridor she would ask "So how much longer are you going to be with us then?"

So we sit down at her desk, and she asks me what my plans are for the next year. I tell her about how I am not going to be in unversity until the latter half of 2011, so I was basically hoping to carry on what I was doing until then. She leaned over and asked me:

"Would you like a job here?"

I stammered a lot, and just blurted out "Yeah!"

They are going to pay me for, well, basically doing the same thing I have been doing over the past few months! She said that everyone in the department speaks very highly of me, and they believed I should be getting some money for what I'm doing.

I now do three days a week rather than two, and the wage is 3 an hour more than what I earn at the pub! And it is about a million times less stressful! I am staying at the school until the end of the school year (July) and then they will review if I can continue for another year after that, but she says that is just a formality and I should have no problems.

I walked out of the office, and I had tears in my eyes. I was just so happy!

However...I am not earning enough money to quit the pub just yet. But I can certainly cut my hours in half!

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Old 08-23-2010, 08:40 PM
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That's right ladies and gentlemen. I have finally had enough. Congratulations management, you have broken me.

This happened about...thirty minutes ago, so it is all pretty fresh and raw.

I am working another horrible kitchen shift. I am on my own, I haven't had my break and food tickets are building up.

Where was the manager? In the office.

Where was the kitchen supervisor? In the office.

They have been in there for the majority of my shift. I asked a member of the floor to go and get one of them to help me. They returned with KS, who looked at the tickets, and simply shrugged them off and returned to the office. I called him back, no luck. No one was going to help me. More and more food was building up, and the orders were starting to get complicated, as we had groups of customers who wanted substitutions and allsorts. Steak meals are coming through, and the grill has stopped operating for some reason. I am on my own and I am busy, and I don't have the time to figure out what is wrong with it or attempt to relight it. I am getting more and more upset. I am in tears.

I thought to myself "Wait til Boss gets back from her holiday and hears about this!"

And then I thought about all the other times I complained. All the other times I reported wrong-doing from the management and staff, how I pleaded for backup with all these things, and how she promised she would get them sorted. And nothing changed. Despite her saying that things like this would stop, they carried on, and I have been putting up with this crap for a year.

I am tired of it all. I am so fed up of busting my balls for minimum wage, only to be told by a smart assed manager that I am not working hard enough. I am fed up being walked all over, being stuck on the same shitty shifts with the same shitty treatment. I am fed up with people who earn 50p more an hour than me treating me like crap. They are not better than me

So that was it. That was all I needed. I dropped whatever I was holding, and walked out the door. I walked straight into the back room and got changed. I got a few bemused looks from other members of staff. I returned, and saw that the bar was full of people with menus. I turned to co-worker.

Me: CW, you might want to let these people know that there is no one to cook their food. I am done, I have had enough, I am not letting them treat me this way anymore.

CW walked right up to me.

CW: And I do not blame you one little bit. Good luck.

And I left.

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Old 08-23-2010, 11:53 PM
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I've shed a lot of tears over the past couple of hours. I believe I'm just in shock. I don't regret it at all. The only thing I do think about is that September may be a little bit of a difficult month until my new job pays me.

I just feel so angry about it all. I feel angry at myself for allowing it all to continue so long, and I am angry about the fact that these people are in charge of people's jobs! They are driving the staff to breaking point, I was just the first one to snap. Last week alone I witnessed three co-workers break down and cry over the actions of a manager. How can this be allowed to continue? I wish they were part of a large coporation or something so I could report them and go above their heads, but I can't.

I'm actually surprised it was me that went. I have had a feeling that someone was going to walk out for weeks. The staff are so unhappy, it is service with a scowl not service with a smile.

Old 08-24-2010, 07:40 PM
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Quoth Whiskey View Post
Or... hes going to call you 5 minutes after you shift asking where you are.
You were 100% right! I got two voicemails. I refused to pick up my phone because I was around all the kids from school who were getting their exam results, and I didn't think it would be a good idea to answer the phone and let all my rage out in front of them. One voice mail asked where I was. The other said "Customersruinmylife, please call me, I think we need a word"

I never called back. I did think about it, but when I went to dial the number I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The thought of it made me feel ill.

I don't know a lot about what happened aftet I left. I haven't spoken to any of my co-workers that were on shift, but I do know one thing. Apparently, right before I walked out, the kitchen supervisor and the manager were about to ask me to stay later, because the kitchen supervisor wanted to go home early!

If they had made it to that kitchen five minutes earlier, blood would have been spilled.

Old 08-25-2010, 10:32 PM
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I have a little bit of an update. I decided to go into the pub to put in a letter of resignation. That way, I will always be able to say I quit, and that they didn't fire me. I was really stunned about what greeted me when I walked in.

Everyone simply said to me "Hi, how are you?" ect. They all treated me like it was a completely normal day, and I was just walking in to do my shift. Everyone that was there was not on duty when I walked out, including the manager. Not one of them knew what happened, including the manager. He had been off for the past two days, and he had no idea that I had walked out, so me telling him that I would not be back was a bit of a surprise for him!

It really looks as though the manager that was on on Monday night has tried to keep what happened quiet. We don't think he wants Boss finding out why I left. I explained what happened to the manager that was there, and told him that I had quite simply had enough. The job was not worth the money or the stress anymore.

"Well, I could have a word with M, and maybe we can dust this whole thing over, and you can still continue to work here." He said.

I told him that too many false promises and I was tired of the solution to everything being "I will have a word" I didn't want words. I wanted actions, and I told him that I would not be returning to work.

"Fair enough. I understand what you are saying, and I am sad to see you go like this"

I walked out the pub...with a smile on my face.
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