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Well, I found out what happened after I walked out. The co-worker I spoke to went to the office immediately after I left, and banged the door. She knew I had done the right thing right away, because they were sat with their feet on the desks, and looked offended that they had to get up to speak to her.

CW: Umm...you might want to go into the kitchen. Customersruinmylife has gone.
M: What do you mean gone?
CW: As in, he has had enough and walked out.
M: Haha. Good joke.

He went to close the door. She blocked it.

CW: No! No joke! He has gone! That kitchen is empty and there are about fifteen tables of food waiting to be cooked!

They barged past her and walked into the kitchen. They looked around, thinking I was hiding or something! The co-worker who was working the floor spoke up.

FCW: He's not hiding! He has gone!
M: What the fuck? What about this food?
FCW: Well, I guess the two of you will have to cook it, won't you? It's only fair. Customersruinmylife has done more than his share tonight!

The two of them sulked in the kitchen for most of the evening, trying to get everything cooked while getting it cleaned and closed down. After the kitchen was closed, M returned to the office, and KS went home. At the end of the shift, CW went to have a word with M.

CW: I think it would be best if you tried to get his shift covered for tomorrow.
M: Why? He'll be in.
CW: I don't think he will somehow!
M: Well if he doesn't come in he will be in even more serious trouble!
CW: I don't think he cares about that. You see, those of us who actually spend some time outside of the office actually saw what happened, and he is fucking pissed off. There is no way he'll be in tomorrow, and I don't think anyone, apart from you two, blame him one little bit.
M: He'll be in. You'll see.

I wish I could have seen the look on his face when I didn't show.
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