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Having a weird pain response causing silly issues
Old 01-23-2021, 10:49 AM
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Default Having a weird pain response causing silly issues

Yikes this is long but I'm on painkillers so I'm all over the place while I gather the courage to pull myself off my couch.

Borked my lower back at work a few days ago so I've been off sick while I get it sorted out and I hate meeting new people who don't understand it when I try to explain how my body doesn't recognize pain normally. My mum and my brother are the same so it seems to have a genetic component.

Stub my toe lightly? hopping about laughing. Break my toe? Goes numb and I don't walk well. Break my fingers? Don't feel it for a few days and thats because my hand has swelled. Bust my ankle? Took 2 days to realize it was a bad one. Paper cut? Howling in pain. Nearly slice my thumb off? Glue it back on and it only hurts 5 days later as the healing begins. I jokingly call it my reverse pain scale. If I go quiet or go white it's bad which I did with this injury.

Basically the worse the injury the less it hurts or the longer it takes to hurt. Plus I have the physical fear response to severe pain which is pins and needles, nausea/vomiting, numbness, want to defecate/pee and my body won't respond to instructions well but *I don't actually feel the pain*. This injury for example I can walk ok with full response and movement but nowhere near my regular abilty as I'm very stiff and very restricted. My back can't load bear without extreme pain which happened when my back went and this is how I knew this was bad. My dumbass kept working while limiting my lifting as I wanted to see what was affected and by the end of the shift I knew it was a bad one.

Notified up the chain and I'd let them know the next day if I can continue but I wanted it professionally checked out. Actually got stuck in bed trying to roll over normally and that is when I felt the pain at a 7/10 for me as I nearly bit the mattress in shock. Took the better part of an hour to roll so as soon at 8.30am came I was calling various doctors to get in. The problem began when I couldn't get in to see my regular physio who knows my weird pain response and had to see another one. My GP is booked out so I might be able to get someone to squeeze me in for a xray later. Not that that will help as I'm sure it's soft tissue only but the MRI is an hour away and I can't leave town for more than 6 hours atm due to my old, infirm dog.

I did not realize that my pain response especially with my lower back injury can point to equinus syndrome oops. Despite him reading my regular physios notes and my clarification on my pain weirdness this injury location and response ticked the requirements of 'do not work on without clearance from a Doctor'. Sigh. I get it I really do but even the physio admitted it was unlikely he needs the clearance. Managed to convince him not to call an ambulance if I went to Urgency right after.

Go to Urgent and go straight through. Did not realize equina was that serious. Got scolded about continuing to work (I know I know but I also was gauging how bad it affected certain abilities before everything kicked in) They really wanted me to pee but at that point for me to do that I would have to induce pain to do it and I wasn't going to put my back into more pain for a test. To me it showed I'm still in control of my functions which ruled out eqinus which they eventually agreed especially with my full ability to move just not well.

They were a bit baffled at me refusing anti inflammatories and pain meds I haven't had before but I had testing done recently and blood thinners, anti inflammatories and opioids are a severe no go for me. I can't process them effectively or process them too well. An average dose of aspirin on my period can cause me to bleed out so I've been extremely lucky I've really never had to use it in my life. I think they were thinking drug seeker when I turned down I forget which opioid but realized when I said yes to Panadeine forte I was not drug seeking lol. They still tried to convince me to have an anti inflammatory injection but I still refused unless my Doctor agreed to and he couldn't as he wasn't in that day. They told me I could be observed after it but I would rather have a known quantity and still be somewhat functional and the forte was helping so I'm good for now. I just needed them to say not equina so I could get other treatments back on the table.

Side note- its always freaky to me when a Doctor/ Professional comes in, you say you've hurt this/that and vaguely gesture at the area and *they poke right on it on the first try* Jesus I hit the ceiling. Well technically I got stuck hunched over clinging to the bed railing for dear life until it passed. Apparently I have one helluva death glare because the tiny Doctor scooted away from me fast while the nurse snorted. I was so short with him after even through I could tell he was a decent guy, I was stuck in the loop of you caused me pain and if you come close Ill bite you next time mentality. Didn't help I topped him by 2 inches and probably 20kg but I was stuck in position and wouldn't have able to hurt him unless he put his hand near my mouth for me to bite

No x-rays done as the whole of 5 towns medical mainframe went down 10 mins before I left but since they released me there should not be any further issue with the physio. Still I'll get an x-ray sometime next week just in case.

Got so many phone calls from work when they found out I was sent to Hospital. I think they were mixed responses of oh no another workcover claim or shit, she's really hurt we need to check. Considering I've continued working through dropping pallets down my leg and broken toes they knew if I'm injured its bad. My Direct Manager and The store Manager called me together and I could tell my Manager was more concerned with my health while the Store Manager was pissed at a possible workcover claim (affects store bonuses) and Corporate cutting hours (the reason for this) because I'm the 4th serious injury in A MONTH from working too hard to cover not having enough people. Plus they know they really fucked up because when I informed them of my injury they texted back 'walk it off' oooof

Hopefully I'll find out on Monday whats actually up with my back when I see the physio next and I'll chase down my Primary Doc for further assessments. I hope I haven't blown a disc as it didn't feel like it came from my spine it came from that space between my tailbone an outer hip it's unlikely but I've never blown a disc before so how would I know? I hope a tendon or muscle is having a snit instead of anything more serious. My mum blew a disc in her 20's and even 35 years later its still a problem.

We shall see. Fingers crossed its not major. I'm super glad I left the assistance pull rail in the toilet when I moved in to my house as I got stuck on my toilet and had to use it to pull myself up. That was a painfully funny experience.
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