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I love my vet office
Old 08-01-2018, 04:23 AM
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Default I love my vet office

had to take fur baby doggie to the vet's today. She again developed skin allergies that was cleared up about 2 -3 months ago. I managed to get a late afternoon appt. today because there was a last minute cancelation.

I arrive a bit early like usual and wait in the waiting area. get called into exam room and I explain what the situation is while the Vet Tech looks up doggies records. OK Dr. will be with you shortly. SO I play on my phone for a bit (get sucked into the Reddit rabbit hole) after a while I notice it has been around 30 minutes and no Dr. yet. I get my doggie away from the door so I can to find someone for an update.

Other Dr. is just in front of the door ready to come in. She explained my Dr. had an emergency case come in and they were taking care of that patient. No problem for me reasonable explanation and I was a good customer -- didn't yell or complain or threaten or throw a hissy fit.

Dr. looks doggie over and yes it is the same skin allergy she had a couple of months ago. Dr. also mentions that it seems for some reason all kinds of doggies skin allergies are REALLY bad this year. Dr. prescribes med's (more antibiotics + pill steroids this time ) and more twice a week baths with medicated shampoo (doggie really does NOT like baths but tolerates them because at the end TREATS ) Dr. also mentions if this continues in spurts to just call them so they can just prescribe the meds and shampoo and pick them up instead of making an appointment for doggie.

I take doggie out the lobby to pay and the desk person says OK since you had to wait extra long through no fault of your own (AND I suspect because I was nice and understanding about the situation) we are going to give you a 20% discount (that cut about $40 off my bill) today.


This is what happens when you are a nice customer. and this was all without me asking or demanding ANYTHING. I love my Vet office
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Old 08-02-2018, 01:09 AM
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If you save "mean" for when the "nice" doesn't work, you probably won't use it much.

Ask the vet if an antihistamine might help prevent a relapse.
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