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Quoth greek_jester View Post
I can see why.

1) No arguing about what was actually ordered, it's all there in black and white.
2) Doesn't tie up a staff member for 20 minutes with someone who can't make up their mind.
3) Customers who actually do need to ask questions (e.g. allergies) can get hold of a staff member quicker.
4) More likely to pre-pay, so less chance that the driver will get stiffed.
1> csquared above said it best. I posted not long ago about an order that had a side of blu cheeses dressing. The customer wondered why their wings were. NO wings were ordered none on the ticket. well why would I order blu cheese without wings?
No matter they will not ackowledge their own ineptitude

2.again oooppsss I want to change my order or something.

3. maybe if there is someone to answer the phone

4. at my pizza place you can't pre-tip on-line payment with a CC. some places do allow for this but for me my chances are really the same as a phone order say about 5% possibility of a stiff.
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