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The Princess of Privilege comes through my line
Old 08-15-2019, 10:35 PM
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Default The Princess of Privilege comes through my line

Wow, did I get a specimen today.

Definitely a princess. And definitely NOT a princess modelled after Leia Organa.

SC: Elderly woman

Me: Crazed Cashier

It was a batshit crazy day from the get-go; we never stopped, there was never a break, not even a lull, and apparently half the city has just returned from vacation and needs to restock their larders, so most of the orders were HUUUUUGE.

And I swear about 90% of my customers today didn't bring bags or bins so yeah ... there was also the fun of dealing with those crappy plastic bags the store offers. Dear Feds: You can ban those ANYTIME YOU LIKE ...

Oops, sorry, got off-track for a minute there.

Anyway, SC comes in. She has two orders, one large-ish, one small. This is not unusual and normally not an issue.

I start to ring her stuff out. Yes, she needs bags. While I am ringing her stuff up, she stands there like a dimestore dummy. No, this isn't the cheaper store where the customer MUST bag their own stuff ... but ya know, it helps, especially when you've got a fairly big order and I am trying to both ring items up and bag at the same time. (Help wanted: octopus or mutant human being with six or more arms preferred)

So I finish with her stuff, ringing it up and bagging it. And she pays. And then ... "Would you put my bags in the buggy? I have terrible sciatica ..."

Okay ... but how do you plan to get your bags from the buggy to the car? We definitely don't offer that service (yes, yes, I know: if you do indeed have sciatica -- or any back/shoulder/whatever problems, the less you strain the area, the better for you ... but I was already annoyed with her). So I stuffed all her bags into the buggy. She had one of the small buggies, and there wasn't enough room to set all the bags out carefully, so some went on top of others. I genuinely hope nothing got broken or smushed, but -- no promises. My priority at that point was just to get her OUT of there.

Then ... she starts scrutinizing her receipt. Remember those rewards cards I've mentioned before? You can get a phone app, and it sends you offers, and if you buy those things on offer you get extra points.

SC: "Why didn't I get extra points for the grapes? Why didn't I get extra points for the sliced cheese? This happens every time I come here ..."

Me: *thinks* Then why don't you go somewhere else ...?

Anyway, since this involves the phone app, and I treasure my ignorance about phone apps, I page for someone to come help her. Meanwhile, I start scanning in her second, smaller order ...

SC: "No no no! Don't start scanning that in yet! i want to find out what happened to my extra points!"

Now, (1) fixing the points issue is completely unrelated to scanning in her second order. There is no connection whatsoever.

And (2) there is a woman behind her who has unloaded an absolutely massive order onto the belt (helloooo, returning vacationer) and who is waiting, quite patiently, to get up to the register.

Supervisor shows up and talks to the woman and manages to persuade her to let me ring through her second order, and suggests that they move to another, unoccupied till so they can deal with the phone app issue.

So SC starts putting stuff back into her purse, verrrrry sloowwwwwly, preparatory to moving over to the other till. Meanwhile I start to ring up the second customer's stuff. This makes the belt start to move.


Me: *thinks* Look, you fucking miserable self-centred bitch, this second woman has now been waiting very patiently for five minutes, possibly 10, or maybe halfway to eternity (which is what it felt like) for you to get your First World problems solved whilst holding up everybody else.

I picked up one of those little barrier sticks (the thing you put on the belt to separate your groceries from the next customer's) and slammed it down on the belt in such a way that it stopped the belt from moving and went back to ringing up the second woman's groceries.

Supervisor was tied up with SC for at least another 10, 15, 20 (who knows) minutes, dealing with the phone app issue. I suspect it was likely a matter of SC not knowing what she was doing, which I can totally understand.

If SC complained about my attitude I didn't hear anything about it.

A while later I went upstairs for my break and asked another supervisor what the penalty was for stabbing a customer with a pen.
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
~ Mr Hero
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Old 08-16-2019, 01:13 AM
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She probably doesn't know that you have to go to the website and indicate which discounts you want. My phone is too old for a phone app of any sort, so I get my discounts via going to the website and actually clicking on things.
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Old 08-16-2019, 05:40 PM
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Quoth Sparklyturtle View Post
... I get my discounts via going to the website and actually clicking on things.
Oh, that's far too much work! It should just know what things I want and give me the discounts for those. Or just give me ALL THE DISCOUNTS, ALL THE TIME!!!
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Old 08-17-2019, 05:23 AM
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Yes, we will happily discount you. Just not in the way you wish.
Customers should always be served . . . to the nearest great white.
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Old 08-19-2019, 03:00 AM
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Quoth Pixelated View Post
A while later I went upstairs for my break and asked another supervisor what the penalty was for stabbing a customer with a pen.
You should never do that. It could ruin the pen. Poor pen.
"I don't have to be petty. The Universe does that for me."
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Old 08-19-2019, 07:34 PM
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Quoth Kristev View Post
Yes, we will happily discount you. Just not in the way you wish.
OK, I give up where's the 'LIKE' button?
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