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It's Superbowl Sunday man, what'd you expect?
Old 02-04-2019, 03:24 AM
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Default It's Superbowl Sunday man, what'd you expect?

So this didn't happen to me, but my co-worker; but I'm still ticked off on her behalf.

Because it's Superbowl Sunday we were told, by our Lead Cashier, not to give out ANY change unless someone has purchased an item. Considering we're a small gas station in a neighborhood, and don't generally keep a lot of cash in our drawers to begin with, this makes sense, right? Also keep in mind, we are absolutely allowed to refuse service if someone gets belligerent or downright rude to us, or if someone throws something at us.

Cue SC:

Comes in asking if my co-worker could break a 20 for him, she explains that management told us no change unless you purchase an item, because of how many 20's, 50's, and 100's we've been getting and were expected to get. CW gets all upset and literally THROWS a lighter at her.

SC: Ring that up then.

CW: You did not just throw that at me. Get out.

SC: Sorry.

Me: Uh uh, out before I call the cops.

Guy left, but man I wanted to throw a rack at his head or something. V, my co-worker is the sweetest girl I know. There was no call at ALL for that.
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