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Old 02-08-2019, 09:20 AM
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Quoth Racket_Man View Post
I did point out to them look at my history NO international calls prior to this. I am still not sure why the malware called those numbers.
The charges you had reversed contained extra payment for those numbers. This money was their profit. I knew of a man who racked up a bill of $15,000 when he didn't know his modem was dialing one of those numbers. He managed to talk the local telco into forgiving him that bill, but it was touch and go.

Those numbers still exist as sex lines. I see them advertised on late night television with some very pretty girl in a bikini, lying in a hammock, talking on a telephone or texting on a mobile. The voiceover says "I'm waiting to talk to YOU" in a sexy voice.

Hurk. I know what's at the other end of the text message. It's a computer with a simple A.I. with answers designed to keep you talking as long as possible.
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