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Moving Suck
Old 01-08-2014, 12:45 AM
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Default Moving Suck

So we are getting ready to move from the Fort Riley area to the Topeka area in Kansas. Our move is being done by the military as such we are using their chosen providers.
They came today to pack us up and they were nice, I tried to be fairly easy on them. I had everything out of the cabinets, closets empty. A 3 bedroom house is a standard TWO day pack. They had us done in 3 hours.

As they were doing inventory their supervisor showed up and they struck up a conversation. (We had a guy and girl packing our stuff and the supervisor showed up at the end of 3 hours)

Supervisor: So you know that pack you had yesterday with the funny smell?
Girl Packer : Yeah that was terrible. I kept thinking I was gonna find a dead rat or something. I kept looking for it, but didn't see anything.
Supervisor: Yeah I found out today that was actually a murder suicide.
Girl Packer: Really? No... really?
Supervisor : Yes. really. If you are about done here, you can go there next and help finish up the rest of their move
Me: (thinking oh hell no)

Girl packer: Yeah I gotta go home and get my id.

Now how much you wanna bet that that was a big ol lie to avoid going to that place?
Not that I blame the poor girl.

Old 01-08-2014, 07:13 PM
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Well, if that scent gave her half the headache it gave me when a rat decided to die somewhere we couldn't get to, then I really can't blame her. Ugh! It gets stuck in the nose like nothing else and *twitches* I think I'll stop thinking about it.
If I make no sense, I apologize. I'm constantly interrupted by an actual toddler.
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