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Scary dude at fast-food place (and a bit of instant karma)
Old 03-09-2015, 09:11 PM
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Default Scary dude at fast-food place (and a bit of instant karma)

I met up with a friend on Saturday morning at a place known for a round-headed, cone-hatted clown mascot. When we got there, it was pretty quiet, only a couple of tables were being used, and we stayed for about an hour and a half.

What got our attention (and eventually ran us out) was a guy at the front counter, who started yelling and complaining at the register staff about how long his order of 12 burgers was taking. He claimed that every time food came up it was going to drive-through, and that he'd been waiting 20 minutes which was ridiculous and no one should ever have to wait that long.

We tried to ignore him, put away our paperwork and were looking at pictures, but he kept excalating - yelled at the lady on register, yelled at the manager who was trying to help her, insisted that he'd been a manager at another chain of fast-food places and "you have to expedite the dining room."

You guys know how it goes. He kept yelling the same phrases over and over, pulled out his wallet to show his food handler's certification, demanded a refund, and made out like he was fighting The Man on behalf of everyone who ever had to suffer the injustice of waiting for food to cook. We got pretty uncomfortable just being there and packed up to leave.

As we were leaving, he shoved out ahead of us and got in his car; then he flipped me off and peeled out. He didn't get very far because the drive-through was backed up around the corner and blocking part of the road.
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